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Berkeley Municipal Code : Ordinances Pending Codification

The following Ordinances were recently adopted by the City Council (please consult the Council Annotated Agendas available from the City Council website), and are not yet codified or effective yet. 



Adoption Date

Effective Date


Amends Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 12.96 to ensure appropriate notice is delivered and posted and public hearings are conducted prior to the closing of a hospital, clinic or out-patient facility that serves the City of Berkeley.




Amends Berkeley Municipal Code (BMC) Chapters 23D.10 (Berkeley’s ADU Ordinance) and 23F.04 (Definitions) in order to maintain compliance with California Code Section 65852.2 (State ADU law).




Amends Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 13.79 to prohibit tenant harassment.



7,538-N.S. Amends Berkeley Municipal Code Section 20.16.090 to allow new signage at the Tarea Hall Pittman South Branch Library to be installed. 4/4/17 5/7/17
7,540-N.S. Adds Berkeley Municipal Code subdivision 16.10.100.G requiring regular testing of wireless telecommunications facilities in the public right of way to verify compliance with FCC standards. 4/4/17 5/7/17
7,541-N.S. Readopts lease agreement for the Friends of DxE International at 2425 Channing Suite C at the premises for the purposes of operating an office with supporting retail activities to include revised amendments. 4/4/17 5/7/17


Urgency ordinance authorizing the acquisition of 1001, 1007, and 1011 University Avenue, and 1925 Ninth Street for $6,650,000.


7,543-N.S. Authorizes the acquisition of 1001, 1007, and 1011 University Avenue, and 1925 Ninth Street (APNs 057-208901401, 057-208901201, and 057-208901500) for $6,650,000. 4/4/17 5/7/17
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