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Crime Challenges in the City of Berkeley and how we can make a difference - The City of Berkeley faces crime challenges not unlike the majority of our neighboring communities, or towns and municipalities across the country. This is not an excuse and frankly, there are no excuses for crime...but we do experience it in our community. [more...]

Crime Prevention Measures - The reason crime happens is well known. Crime happens because there is a criminal to commit the crime, a victim who can be victimized by the criminal and the location or opportunity for a crime to occur. You can reduce the likelihood of being the victim of criminal activity if you take away the OPPORTUNITY for the criminal to make you his victim. [more...]

Crime Prevention Resources - The Berkeley Police Department offers Crime Prevention information and presentations by appointment through its Operations Divison - Area Coordinator Unit. Area Coordinators or other members of BPD offer City of Berkeley community members and business owners resources on many subjects including Personal Safety, Burglary Prevention, Senior Safety, Robbery Prevention, Domestic Violence, Stalking, Vacation Security, Identity Theft and much more. [more...]

Neighborhood Watch - NW logoA neighborhood watch (also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch) is a citizens' organization devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. Neighborhood watch members stay alert to unusual activity and contact the police department to report crime in their neighborhoods. 

An alert and cooperative neighborhood is the best defense against crime. [more...]

Police Department - Chief of Police: Michael Meehan. TEL: (510) 981-5900. police@cityofberkeley.info. Office Hours: . The mission of the men and women of the City of Berkeley Police Department is to reduce crime - property crime, violent crime and traffic collisions, to provide professional, courteous and respectful service with every contact and to be open, transparent and accountable for our behavior and our work.    [more...]

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