For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Matthai Chakko, (510) 981-7008


Berkeley, California (Sunday, May 04, 2014) - Strawberry Creek was unintentionally discolored bright orange Sunday morning when a starch-based powder was inadvertently washed into a storm drain at the northeast corner of the UC Berkeley campus.  The powder had been used by a student group as part of an event on Saturday.

The source of the release has been stopped, and the creek discoloration is diminishing. Some orange tint remains visible in deeper sections of the creek.

The State Department of Fish and Wildlife has been notified, as well as other City and State offices, and they concur with the plan to allow the creek discoloration to attenuate naturally.

There have been no reports of adverse impacts to aquatic life.  City and University environmental specialists are continuing to monitor the situation.

Members of the public can call 510-812-1541 for additional information.