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Press Contact: Pamyla Means, City Clerk, (510) 981-6910

City Council minutes from 1905 to present now available online

<#text>Berkeley, California (Friday, September 07, 2007) -

Records Online is a web-based search engine that will allow users to search, view, and print documents that are stored in the city’s electronic records repository. 

“Records Online takes accessibility of public records to a whole new level,” said City Clerk Pamyla Means. “This is a real asset for residents, students, and history buffs. A host of vital City records are now accessible 24/7 where users can search, review, download and print at their own convenience.”

Records Online ( include:

  Users can search by document type, text and date to find the information that they’re interested in.  All documents are displayed in Adobe PDF format and are optimized for standard broadband Internet transfer rates. Users will also be able to download the search results into an Excel database file for easier sorting and searching.