APWA Accredited Agency LogoWelcome to Public Works

Public Works provides integral services to our community every day.  Our department's mission is to provide quality services to the Berkeley community with pride, courtesy, and commitment.  Developing and offering efficient, cost effective services in partnership with our citizens will help us achieve our vision to make Berkeley a leading city in the country by being an outstanding provider of Public Works Services.

Working Towards Our Vision

  • The department is the first in California and the third in the United States to be awarded national re-accreditation by the American Public Works Association.
  • Our Solid Waste Management Division is participating in a groundbreaking National Pilot Project by the Environmental Protection Agency to test the value of environmental management systems for improving environmental compliance and performance.
  • We completed construction of the Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility and expanded the alternative fuel fleet.
  • Being a leader in disability issues, visitors and researchers from around the world come to Berkeley to see an exemplary model of an accessible community.
  • We received national recognition from the Federal Emergency Management Authority for emergency preparedness.

Cooperation, integrity, commitment, respect, accountability, and reliability are our values.  We put Berkeley first: Community well being is our reason for being.

Did You Know?

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining 216 miles of streets, 520 miles of sewer mains and laterals, 300 miles of sidewalk and pathways, 7,000 streetlights, 6,000 storm drain sewer facilities, 3,000 parking meters, 643 vehicles and equipment, and over 1,000,000 square feet of public building space.  Each year:

  • We replace or rehabilitate over 100,000 sf of sidewalks and pathways, 58,000 ft of sewers, and 10 miles of streets.
  • To help beautify our neighborhoods we conduct 10 free cleanups.
  • Our storm water is kept clean by sweeping up 3,000 tons of debris from the street that would have polluted the bay.
  • We pick up over 3,500 tons of litter and remove over 148,000 sf of graffiti.
  • Our crews patch over 2,300 potholes.
  • Solid Waste Programs meet or exceed the 50% recycling goal by diverting over 27,000 tons of waste from the landfill.
  • We respond to over 10,000 requests for service monthly.