Measure B Sales Tax Funding


In November 2000, Alameda County voters approved Measure B, a continuation of the county’s half-cent transportation sales tax through 2022. The Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC), which administers Measure B, developed an expenditure plan with the following regional priorities:

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In Berkeley, Measure B funds pay for both capital costs of construction projects as well as staff time to deliver our bicycle and pedestrian programs. Listed below are some recent Measure B funded projects.


Measure B provided either full or partial funding for the following capital projects:

Roadway Repaving (streets in bold are bikeways):

St Rehab FY 2009 - Bateman Street, Bay View Place, Bonita Avenue, Hilgard Avenue, Le Roy Avenue, Mabel Street, Middlefield Road, Rose Street, Scenic Avenue, Spring Way, The Crossways, and Virginia Street Bicycle Boulevard. Storm drain improvements were made at the Mabel/Carrison, Mabel/Haskell, Mabel/67th, and Mabel/66th intersections.

St Rehab FY 2010 -  9th St. Bicycle Boulevard, California St. Bicycle Boulevard, Channing Way Bicycle Boulevard, Ellsworth

St Rehab FY 2011 – Marin from W City Limit to The Circle, 10th St from University Ave to Dwight Way, Bancroft Way from Aquatic Park to 6th St, Claremont Crescent from Ashby Ave to Claremont Ave, Dana St from Webster St to S. City Limit, Dowling Pl from Telegraph Ave to Dana St, Milvia St Bicycle Boulevard from University Ave to Center St Bicycle Lanes, Milvia St Bicycle Boulevard from Channing Way Bicycle Boulevard to Blake St, Oakvale Ave from Claremont Ave to Domingo Ave, Webster St from Telegraph Ave to Colby St, Sacramento St from University Ave to Dwight Wy.

Pedestrian Safety Improvements:

Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB) at Adeline/Harmon. Pilot Project success was noted when Caltrans staff conducted site visit. City subsequently installed another RRFB on Ashby/SR13 at Malcolm X Elementary School as part of Safe Routes to Schools grant.

Matching Funds:

Safe Routes to Transit FY 09-10: Rosa Parks Elementary, Thousand Oaks Elementary, Malcolm X Elementary and Berkeley Arts Magnet

Safe Routes to Schools FY 09-10: AC Transit Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Improvements (Shattuck/Vine and Solano/Colusa)

Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) FY 09-10: West Street Pathway, Delaware to Ohlone Greenway Gap Closure

Ohlone Greenway rehabilitation as part of BART Seismic Retrofit Project; to be constructed in Spring 2012

Measure B Pedestrian and Bicycle Program Support

Measure B funds supported City of Berkeley staff time to help deliver or participate in the following capital, design or planning projects:

The City’s first Pedestrian Master Plan, adopted in June, 2010

Completed the 9th Street Bicycle Boulevard Extension pathway, connecting West Berkeley to Emeryville. City used multiple non-Measure B funding sources for construction. Project planning, public process, design review, and project management were conducted by staff supported by Measure B Bike/Ped funds.

Designed Ohlone Greenway Betterments from Gilman/Curtis to the Albany border, as part of the BART seismic retrofit project, including bike/ped safety improvements.

Redesigned and repaved Milvia St. Bicycle Boulevard to include wider upgraded bicycle lanes.

Installed more than 1000 new bicycle parking spaces citywide. Capital costs funded by General Fund and BAAQMD. Project management, public process, site selection, and inspection conducted by City staff supported by Measure B.

In partnership with BART, continued operation of the nation's largest Bike Station. Contract management and project oversight supported by Measure B personnel expenditures.

Secured $1.9M in Transportation Enhancement funds for the Bay Trail Extension to the Berkeley Marina. Construction will occur in 2012.