Bay Interpretive Training Program- BayIT
Volunteer training for the Education Programs

Research BoatDocent Training Program (Bay IT)
 Bay Interpretive Training Docent program (Bay IT) trains volunteers to help lead programs. A formal fun, hands-on training for docents  happens October through March.  We train for a program, teach that program to kids, then train for another program.  

Most asked questions:

Could you describe exactly what I would be doing? The trainings allow you to experience the program as a student - learn interesting back ground information on all the topics, then you get to experience the hands on learning stations as a kid. Then we teach you how to interact with the students. 
When the school programs start, you assist with the setting up of the room, interpreting the wildlife by running one of the 4 hands on stations or walking tours and being part of the wrap up where we discuss the challenges and highlights we had with that days class.

 Programs we  teach  include birds, fish, marine mammals, bay scientist, intertidal  and dock life, Sailing, and Research boat trips. Each individual is unique and we try to work with you so you are comfortable. You can also assist on Weekends  during our shoreline clean-ups, Bay Festival and fundraisers. Guaranteed to have fun, learn and share lots of information.

What days and times do you need me? See this link for specifics
The trainings are Thursdays and Fridays 9-12  The school groups come midweek 
(Tuesday- Friday) from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00p.m.  You do not need to sign up for every class program but you need to come to the trainings.14 hours a month of commitment-includes 2 trainings and teaching 2 classes. We do our special events- Bay Festival, Clean-up and fundraisers on weekends 

I really love the out of doors but have never taught children, Will this program help me learn to teach? Yes, When you begin the training in October  we specifically train about the specific techniques that work with the variety of ages we work with here. Through out the course we review before each class come what works best with that age group. We teach the main class, you will help run a station or work with small groups of children.

I have just moved to the Bay area.  Will your program teach me about the local ecosystem?
Yes, You will learn about the dynamic ecosystem that is the San Francisco Bay Estuary more specifically about its birds, fish, marine mammals, and tide pool life found here at the marina. You will have the opportunity to see the Bay from two vessels an sail boat and a research boat.

I just discovered this program and have missed some of the trainings. Do I have to wait until October to start?
We train interested individuals throughout the year.  You can come and watch us teach first and see if it is for you. We can give you background materials and train you as we go. Just ask! Any interested individuals, are welcome to be part of our program. 

Please contact us if you are interested in helping teach about the S.F.Bay Estuary environment! 

It will take some time but you can download a 11x14 size brochure  here. Applications can be down loaded here.

 - The class program dates at the bottom of each description  tells you when you may be teaching after the training. 

Weekend Programs
Offered Saturdays to the general public, includes tour of the Nature Center and the Marina. Specific programs can be requested by groups.  We are very popular with birthday parties, Scouts, and Camp Fire groups.