Ohlone Dog Park Renovation Plan

A Preliminary Renovation Plan for the Ohlone Dog Park was presented to the Parks and Waterfront Commission on September 10, 2014. Based on comments received from the Commission, the public, and maintenance staff, the plan was revised. The Revised Preliminary Renovation Plan was presented to the Commission on December 10, 2014.

Response to Questions Following December 10, 2014 Commission Meeting

After the December 10, 2014 meeting of the Parks and Waterfront Commission staff presented the revised plans, and offered the community an opportunity to submit additional questions or comments. The questions that were addressed and the responses are summarized below:


Q1: Will the proposed "engineered wood fiber" groundcover result in a floor that can be traversed by a wheelchair user? Will it be less stable (more of a tripping hazard than the existing wood chips) for use by those who use crutches canes or others that do not walk with 100% surety.

A1: Engineered wood fiber provides a much more stable surface than the existing wood chips do. Wood chips move easily but the wood fiber "knits" together and tends to stay in place much more than the chips. The wood fiber should make use easier and more stable for wheelchair users and people who use crutches or cans. This surface material meets the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines.

Q2: What is the size of the small dog are of the park?

A2: The small dog area is approximately 7,300 square feet.

Q3: It appears that there is only one seating area proposed for the new park. Is that correct?

A3: No. The plan includes 13 benches (one of which is on site and will be relocated) and 6 platform seats.

Q4: Will there be at least two picnic tables in different areas of the new park?

A4: The existing picnic table will be relocated on site. The plan calls for two additional square tables with attached seats and 5 platform seats tables, one of which will be ADA-compliant. In the small dog area, there will be several benches and a table.

Q5: Does the one proposed seating area in the new park have good visibility of the entire adjoining fence to the existing dog park? More than one seating area is needed.

A5: Yes, as notes above, there are numerous places to sit and observe the activities of your dog. There are 12 benches, 6 platform seats, 3 picnic tables, 1 small square table with 2 seats attached, and 1 additional salvaged bench.

Q6: Is there fencing at the back of the small park area or only trees? Fencing is needed.

A6: The perimeters of both the large and small dog areas are entirely fenced.

Q7: Are there accessible garbage cans dog waste disposal for the new small park that do not require leaving the park?

A7: There will be one garbage can near the small dog area entrance.

Q8: Are there picnic tables as well as the one seating area?

A8: Yes. See response A5, above.

Thank you for your input. Staff anticipates going out to bid for the construction work in February 2015.

For questions on park maintenance, contact:

Mobile Unit 1: Landscape Gardener Supervisor, Pam Boland, PBoland@ci.berkeley.ca.us  

or, you may contact Mobile Unit 1 by phone at (510) 981-6637.