City of Berkeley Housing Retention Program

The City of Berkeley’s Housing Retention Program (formerly known as Homeless Prevention Program) provides grants to eligible Berkeley residents facing eviction. These grants allow individuals and families to pay overdue rent to maintain their housing. 

A collaborative of Berkeley agencies will assess your eligibility (see below) before approving your application. The Housing Retention Program tries to help as many residents as possible avoid eviction, but funds are limited. There is a chance that even if you meet the criteria, you may not receive a grant. For more information about how the Housing Retention Program may be able to assist you, please see the Housing Retention Program's frequently asked questions page

There may be other resources to help you, so please see the Housing Department's main Frequently Asked Questions (Question #5) for more information and options.

Eligibility Criteria

An Applicant to the Berkeley Housing Retention Program must:

Application Process 

Housing Retention Program FAQs

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