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Electronic copies of the Agenda/Annotated Agenda ePackets for the City Council, Housing Authority (through June 2007), and Redevelopment Agency are available beginning July 1, 2002.  The ePackets provide links to the complete Council Reports for each item, including attachments and exhibits, and are accessible by selecting the appropriate meeting listed on the corresponding Agenda and Annotated Agenda Index Page (Select year from above). 


An agenda contains brief descriptions of reports being presented to the City Council for action or information.  Reports containing recommendations can result in the adoption of City resolutions and/or ordinances.  Regular Council meetings are generally held three to four Tuesdays each month.

Annotated Agendas:  

An annotated agenda contains the same information as shown on the agenda, but in addition, also includes a brief description of the action that was taken by Council at the meeting.  The annotated agenda indicates any resolutions and/or ordinances that were adopted and the document numbers assigned to them.  An annotated agenda is only a draft of the actions Council took and is not considered the official record.

Note: Agendas, annotated agendas, ePackets and indexed video are generally posted by close of business Thursday. "To be delivered" and "supplemental materials" will be posted as available.


**At its March 11, 2003 meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 61,968-N.S. changing the name of the Rules Committee to the “Agenda Committee” to better reflect its duties.