CECO for Renovations or Additions
Owners of commercial properties must apply CECO for:

  1. Check for Exempt Property status. (See the online CECO property status list) If property is not exempt:
  2. Schedule and get CECO audit (Receive Form 2 post-audit)
  3. Include CECO audit with your plans
  4. Make improvements and upgrades specified in audit 
  5. Schedule Inspection (CECO inspection will be included in building permit inspection)

1. Check for Exempt Properties

If your property meets any of the following criteria, it is exempt. File Form 4 with the Permit Service Center (no fee required).

Check the online CECO property status list or call 510-981-7439 and provide address and Assessors Parcel Number to check on exemption status if you are unsure.

2. Schedule and get CECO Audit and receive Form 2 post-audit


3. Include CECO Audit with Your Plans


4. Make improvements and upgrades specified in audit 

Complete all required CECO measures.

5. Schedule Inspection 

Call the City of Berkeley Building and Safety Division 24 hour request line at 981-7444 to self-schedule an inspection, or schedule an inspection online at http://www.CityofBerkeley.info/BuildingInspections.  

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Permit (Application) Number
  • Permit Type
  • Inspection Type
  • Inspection Date
  • A Contact Telephone Number

NOTE:  Inspections are scheduled for the next available City of Berkeley business day.

Audit Fees (Due and payable to the auditor at the time of the audit.)

Less than 30,000 sq. ft.:

Greater than 30,000 sq. ft. No more than the amounts below:

Other Fees:

CECO Forms (PDF files)

For more information, see Ordinance 6176-N.S..  

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