Berkeley, Alameda County, and Bay Area Environmental Programs

The following list contains contact information for the various environmental programs within Berkeley, Alameda County, and the Bay Area.


    Abandoned Vehicles

    (510) 981-6300

    Asbestos spill on a roadway

    (510) 981-7460
    (Call 9-1-1 after 
    business hours)

    Berkeley Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

    (510) 981-5289

    Drug Lab


    Endangerment to Public Health or Emergency Response 


    Hazardous Materials Business Plan (HMBP): 
     Download HMBP Information & Instructions (PDF) 

    (510) 981-7460

    Hazardous Waste Generator Application

    (510) 981-7460

    Illegal Lead Paint Removal (public) 

    (510) 981-5289

    Manufactured Nanoscale Materials 
     Click here to download the Disclosure Guidelines


    (510) 981-7460

    Monitoring Well and Soil Boring Permit 
     Download Drilling Permit Drilling Permit Application from this link 

    (510) 981-7460

    Pollution of Storm Drains or Stream Systems

    (510) 981-7460 (if after hours,
    call 9-1-1)

    Recycling of Oil Products: 
     Click here for list of Used Oil Recycling locations 

     (510) 981-7460

    Sewer Leaks

    (510) 981-6300

    Toxic Release Complaint Line - non emergency  8am-5pm

    (510 ) 981-7460

    Underground Storage Tank (UST) Hazardous Substances 

    (510) 981-7460

    UST Removal, Installation, Modification – Permit Service 

    (510) 981-7500

    Alameda County 

    Alameda County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program     

    (510) 567-8280

    Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites: 
     Visit HHW web site from this link

    (510) 670-6460

    Proper Use of Pesticides

    (510) 670-5232

    Safe Disposal of Medication:
     Click here for the East Bay Municipal Utility District’s website 

    (510) 558-7285

    Small Quantity Business Generator Waste Disposal Sites

    (510) 670-6460

    Bay Area 

    Asbestos Concerns (Airborne) 

    (415) 749-5000

    Exhaust Fume From Vehicles

    800-EXHAUST or 800-394-

    Illegal Lead Paint Removal (worker safety) - OSHA

    (510) 622-2916

    Odor/Air Pollution Complaints: 
     Click here to go to the BAAQMD home page

    (800) 334-6367  /
    24-Hour Complaint Hotline
    for BAAQMD

    Radioactive Materials Release

    (415) 744-2000
    (EPA 24-hr hotline)