Community Choice Energy (CCE)

Community Choice Energy (CCE) allows public agencies to purchase electricity on behalf of customers, as an alternative to investor owned utilities (like PG&E). The goal of a CCE (which is also called community choice aggregation or CCA) is to provide cleaner, greener, and more local electricity to customers. CCA image

Alameda County is conducting an analysis of forming a CCE to potentially serve local jurisdictions, including Berkeley. One of the key objectives of the Alameda County analysis would be to determine whether CCE can help the City achieve its Climate Action goals. Under a CCE, PG&E would continue to maintain the power grid, respond to outages, and send monthly bills. Customers would also have a choice of how green of power they want to purchase or whether to continue to purchase power directly from PG&E by opting out of the CCE.

Community Input: The Berkeley Energy Commission and the Office of Energy and Sustainable Development hosted a free public workshop on Community Choice Energy on Saturday May 14, 2016. The goal of the workshop was to provide community members with an overview of Community Choice Energy and to solicit public comments to inform the Commission’s recommendation to Council. The City of Berkeley will have the opportunity to vote to join Alameda’s Community Choice Energy program in the fall.

Other Local CCAs


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