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Joint Powers Financing Authority

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The Authority Commission is formed pursuant to a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement between the City of Berkeley and the Berkeley Redevelopment Agency for the purpose of providing financing for various public capital improvements, working capital and other costs.  Notice of the Joint Powers Agreement has been filed with the California Secretary of State.  The members of the City Council shall constitute the governing body of the Authority.


Council Chambers
2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, 2nd Floor
Meets at least twice a year. Please check the community calendar to verify.


Mark Numainville
City Clerk Department
(510) 981-6900; Fax: (510) 981-6901

Enabling Legislation: Resolution No. 1 (01/11/94)
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Web Video Streaming

  • All meetings of the Joint Powers Financing Authority held in the Council Chambers will be web streamed live beginning in 2004.  The live webcast will only function while the meeting is occurring.  (View the meeting calendar).

  • For more streaming video information, visit the Online Video FAQ Page.


  • Electronic copies of the Agenda/Annotated Agenda ePackets for the Joint Powers Financing Authority are available beginning in 2002.  The ePackets provide links to the complete Reports for each item, including attachments and exhibits, and are accessible by selecting the appropriate meeting listed below.  Although still in the pilot phase, we encourage you to utilize the ePackets, and forward your comments, questions or suggestions to the City Clerk Department, (510) 981-6900,

2012 Agendas, Annotated Agendas, and Video Archive

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* The live webcast service will function only while the meeting is occurring.
Note: The archived video will generally be posted the day after the meeting. 
For more streaming video information, visit the Online Video FAQs Page.