Paul Roberson by D-GalvezTrain Stop Mural by John WherlePeace Bell (Civic Center) by B-Hasson.jpgAddiston St. Sidewalk art by Jenny Cole     

Welcome to the Online Public Art Registry! 

This online registry details all the art works owned by the city.  The list below indicates the artist and is grouped by year of purchase, from the most recent in 2003 to back as far as 1967.  Each click takes you to a unique piece of work and its location, giving you the opportunity to view the art piece in person as well.

If you would like a copy of the Public Art Registry,
please come by the Civic Arts Office 
or contact 
The Civic Arts Office is open 
Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm. 
We are located at 2118 Milvia Street, Suite 200
(2nd floor of the Permit Service Center)

Scott Donahue 

John Wehrle
Eric Powell 

Galvez & Mildred Howard
Isis Ridriguez
Michael L. Smith 

Steve Gillman & Katherine Keefer

Addison Street Poetry Walk
John Toki
Wang Po Shu 

Lynne- Rachel Altman 
Jenny Cole 
Bruce Hasson
Carolynn Haydu 
Miles Karpilow
Alan Leon
Diana Maria Rossi 
Rebecca Schwarz 
Nancy Selvin 
Sofie Siegmann 
April Watkins 

Bill Creitz
Mary Fuller
Susan Levine
Lawrence Nobles 


David Bowman 

Archana Horsting 

Chris Knipp 

Hiroki Moriune
Paul Robeson Collection
Cheryl Simone

Seiko Tachibana
Kazuko Watanabe 


Claudia Bernardi
Tricia Tripp
Jean La Marr
Kati Casida 
World Wall of Peace
Frederic Fierstein
Joseph Slusky
Andrew Wervy
Romare Bearden
William Wareham
City of Berkeley
Berkeley Sakai Association 

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