Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.)


Berkeley Day Camp  |  AGES 14-15
Counselors-In-Training (CIT) have an opportunity to build self-esteem, independence, and leadership skills, while working in our Day Camp sessions. There are a total of four, two-week sessions. CITs may sign up for more than one session, provided their evaluation at the end of the session is average or higher.  

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Echo Lake Camp  |  AGES 14-15
The CITs are under the supervision of and CIT Director and receive training in camp policies, such as: safety, leadership, problem solving, games, skits and special events. CITs are given time for meetings, team building, problem solving, evaluations, movie nights, hikes, swimming and sports activities. There are also special trips to go canoeing, fishing, and swimming down the hill in Echo Lake and on day hikes into Desolation Wilderness. 
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