For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Dory Ehrlich, Berkeley Fire Department, (510) 981-5506

Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries This Weekend

Berkeley, California (Wednesday, March 07, 2007) - Berkeley Fire Department reminds you of simple preparedness actions to take when you set your clocks back on March 11 for Daylight Savings Time:

Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and flashlights. Your smoke detector battery should be changed every year, and tested every month.

Check your fire extinguisher to make sure it is fully charged and ready for use (be sure that the gauge is in the green).

Check the expiration dates on the water and the food in your disaster kit. Drink the water and eat the food if the dates are about to expire, and replace whatever you use.

Remember that, after a catastrophic earthquake, government resources may not be available for several days. It is essential that every household and family be prepared to survive on its own for 5-7 days until services can be restored. Take the time now to stock up on disaster supplies and to make a plan for yourself and your family on where to meet following an earthquake.

Designate a long distance phone contact that everyone in your family can use to tell where and how they are.

Prepare an emergency supplies kit for your home, car and work site.

Get to know your neighbors and organize your neighborhood.

For more information, please contact Berkeley’s Office of Emergency Services, at
(510) 981-5605.