Green Cities California

 In January 2009, the City of Berkeley became a member of Green Cities California (GCC).  GCC is an association of leading green cities and counties that exists to accelerate sustainability policy at all levels of government. Membership in GCC better enables Berkeley to share and benefit from best practices with other member governments.

The GCC members aim to influence state and national actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions; promote sustainable land use, building and development practices; conserve water; promote energy efficiency; expand renewable energy options; reduce waste to landfills; extend producer responsibility; reduce vehicle miles traveled; distribute environmental benefits and burdens in an equitable manner; and provide funding for local governments to accomplish these goals. 

Adopting the GCC resolution commits the City of Berkeley to a series of actions, including:

GCC member jurisdictions represent over eight million California residents (22% of the state’s population). The GCC members look to use their collective voice to influence state and national sustainability legislation. GCC’s website which will chronicle the work of the GCC and highlight best practices is currently under development. 

For more information visit the Green Cities California website.

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