October 2014 

The Court of Appeal upheld the City's Injunction against U-Haul.

September 2011

On September 6th, the Council approved a settlement of Concerned Library Users v. City of Berkeley, in which some residents challenged the use of Measure FF bond funds to construct new buildings to house the South and West Branch neighborhood libraries.  As a result, the City can proceed with some certainty that the projects can now go forward unimpeded by litigation.

March 2011

The California Court of Appeal affirmed the decision of the Alameda County Superior Court upholding the validity of the City’s approval of the “Ashby Arts” project at Ashby and San Pablo Avenues.

Wollmer v. City of Berkeley - March 30, 2011 Published Decision

The California Court of Appeal affirms the trial court’s Denial of Petition for Writ of Mandate.  

Wollmer v. City of Berkeley - Court of Appeal Decision

July 2010

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed the United States District Court's Opinion (below).

Kerima Lewis v. City of Berkeley - 9th Circuit Memorandum

February 2010

Stephen Wollmer v. City of Berkeley - Alameda County Superior Court:

Wollmer v. City of Berkeley - Denial of Petition for Writ of Mandate

November 2009

California Court of Appeal dismisses U-Haul's appeal of preliminary injunction.

City of Berkeley v. U-Haul - Appeal Dismissed

June 2009

The California Supreme Court denied U-Haul's petition for review on June 10, 2009.  See the Court of Appeal's opinion below, March 2009.

April 2009

Kerima Lewis v. City of Berkeley - United States District Court, Northern California Opinion:

Lewis v. City - Opinion Dismissing Action 

March 2009

California Court of Appeal affirms revocation of U-Haul's Use Permit:

U-Haul v. City 

February 2009

Stancy Nesby v. City of Berkeley - California Appellate Opinion:

Nesby Appellate Decision 

October 2008

Carl Friberg v. Tom Bates, et al. - California Appellate Opinion:

Friberg Opinion

Kristen Prentice, et al. v. City of Berkeley - Alameda County Superior Court:

Culvert Summary Judgment Opinion