For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Khin Chin, Berkeley Fire Department, (510) 981-5506


Berkeley, California (Monday, June 01, 2009) - Effective, June 1, 2009, Cal Fire officially delcared the start of Fire Season for Alameda County. You can immediately improve your property's fire safety by taking the following steps:

  • Clearing flammable vegetation and trees away from your house
  • Removing tree limbs within 10 feet of any chimneys or stovepipes
  • Removing pine needles and leaves from roofs, eaves, roof valleys, and rain gutters
  • Removing dead tree limbs overhanging structures
  • Removing flammable material like firewood from under decks
  • Placing your woodpile far away from your house
  • Ensuring you place spark arrestors on all internal combustion engines used around flammable vegetation (mowers, chainsaws, weed eaters, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Remembering to cut your grass regularly and always before noon.  Dry grass has the highest amount of moisture in the morning.
  • If you see smoke or a fire, report it immediately by calling 911 from a land line phone, or 510-981-5911 from your cell phone.  Be prepared to provide information on the fire's location.

For more information on protecting your home from wildfire, please visit or call 510-981-5506.