Obtaining Info & Records : How Your Request is Processed

There are generally two types of requests for information and records:

  1. Information and Records which reside in a single department alone; or
  2. Information and Records which reside in more than one department and require a coordinated search and response.  Requests requiring a multi-department response are coordinated by the Office of the City Manager.


Requests for Records from a Single Department

The City is committed to making information and records available to the public during regular business hours.  If you wish to review a document that is both readily identifiable and accessible at the counter of a department, the department will make every effort to accommodate you.  If however, the information or records requested are not readily identifiable or accessible, the department will contact you as soon as the records are located. 


Requests for Records from Multiple Departments – City Manager Referral

Receipt of the Request 
When the City Manager’s Office receives a request requiring a multi-department request, appropriate department(s) are directed by memorandum to respond directly to the requesting party within 10 calendar days after the date the request was received by the City.

If you do not want to review the records but want copies sent to you, a staff member will inform you of the cost and request advance payment of copy costs and postage.  If a request is particularly complex or the nature of the request makes collection of the records very time consuming because the records are voluminous, reside in different types of files, or different departments, or are located in storage, the department will contact you in writing to inform you of the delay and provide you with a date on which the records will be ready for review.  For those unusually large requests for documents, the Public Records Act allows the City a 14 day extension (beyond the initial 10 days) to respond to the request.

The Department Will Contact You

Once the information and records are identified and ready for review by the requesting party, a department representative will telephone you or send a letter advising you that your records are ready for review or make arrangements for copies to be made.  Standard-sized documents are copied at 10 cents per page for single-sided copies and 20 cents per page for double-sided copies.  Costs for documents outside the standard 8.5 x 11" format are determined by the department.  If requested, documents may also be provided in electronic format.

Payment Policy: The City Clerk Department accepts cash and checks/money orders only – no debit or credit card payments are accepted.  The City Clerk Department may not be able to give change for bills of $20 or greater.   Please note that the City Clerk Department accepts EXACT CHANGE ONLY after 4:30 p.m.

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