Plans, Policies and Reports: Homelessness

The City’s adopted the Everyone Home Plan as its policy framework for homelessness and special needs housing in 2006. It is available for download on Everyone Home’s website.

The City Council report (05/16/06) on the Everyone Home Plan includes Berkeley’s initial action steps.  To see a copy of the report, click here

The Housing and Community Services works closely with the organization Everyone Home which was created to coordinate implementation of the Everyone Home Plan. 

Reports: Homeless Counts

The most recent homeless count in Berkeley was conducted as a part of the Alameda countywide count in January 2009. Complete data will be available in late 2009. Preliminary 2009 data was released in July 2009. The data released included a summary of preliminary Berkeley data.  

The major decrease in chronic homelessness documented in 2009 was the result of Berkeley’s focused strategies.  

The previous homeless count with data for the City of Berkeley was the Alameda Countywide Shelter and Services Survey, conducted in 2004.  To view the report, click here.