For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Mary Kay Clunies-Ross, PIO, City Manager's Office, (510) 981-7008


Berkeley, California (Friday, October 09, 2009) - The City of Berkeley's Annual Report is now available online and will be received by more than 60,000 Berkeley residents and businesses this week.

The eight-page newsletter includes a letter from City Manager Phil Kamlarz, an extensive budget section, and news about a variety of city programs, including: Census 2010, summer youth employment, neighborhood preparedness, weatherization, the decrease in the number of chronic homeless, the new animal shelter, flu preparedness, library improvements and more.

The annual report will come in the mail to Berkeley residents and businesses in the next week. In the meantime, visitors to the City’s web site ( can find the 2009 Annual Report under "What's New." Site visitors can either download a PDF version of the annual report or read the interactive version for direct links to City programs.

Click here to go directly to the 2009 City of Berkeley Annual Report.