For Immediate Release
Press Contact: Zach Cowan, Assistant City Attorney, (510) 981-6950


Berkeley, California (Monday, July 30, 2007) - The City of Berkeley has filed its opening brief in the legal effort to persuade the Alameda County Superior Court to keep the University of California from building the proposed Student Athlete High Performance Center on the west side of Memorial Stadium.

The brief argues that UC did not adequately analyze the environmental and safety aspects of the project, and therefore did not give adequate consideration to alternatives or mitigation measures. It also argues that UC's approval of the Center violates the Alquist-Priolo Act, which prohibits building new buildings across or within 50 feet of active earthquake faults (like the Hayward Fault), or building substantial modifications or additions to pre-existing buildings that are over faults (like Memorial Stadium).

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The Court has scheduled two days of hearings on September 19 and 20. The hearings will take place in Department 512 of the Alameda County Superior Court, 24405 Amador Street, in Hayward.