To Do's for New Recruits:

After an official job offer is extended, there are a number of actions a Recruit must take immediately. Uniforms must be purchased, and details related to employment matters must be handled. Each Recruit will be issued instructional materials from the Training Division prior to the beginning of their recruit academy.

Before Recruit Training begins, a "Welcoming Orientation" is offered by the Berkeley Fire Department for both the new Firefighter Recruit and his or her primary partner to learn more about the Training Program and what to expect, as well as ideas on how to prepare for this intensive time.

The Recruit Training Program is physically and mentally demanding. There are times that these demands on the Recruit may impact family members and/or partners. The Department offers Recruits a number of resources and support systems during this time.

Recruitment Quick Links

 Application Process

 Testing Process

 Department Selection Process

 Pre-Employment Medical Exam

 How To Prepare

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