Proposed Aquatic Park Connection (APC) Furnishings

Following design features were approved by the Berkeley Redevelopment Agency, the Board of which is made up of the Berkeley City Council members in December 2006.  Adjacent development shall build fronting sidewalks to conformance with design standards presented here. 

Park Entry:

The street would be narrowed to just 20 feet west of 2nd Street allowing for spacious sidewalks on both the north and south side of the street and a clearly articulated entrance to a pedestrian realm within the park.  A double row of Hornbeam trees and plentiful seating will invite wayfinders to linger.  Furnishings in the promenade, expected to be installed by the Agency in Fall 2007, will set the standard for streetscape improvements to be required of all adjacent developments as outlined below.


  • The Streetscape will combine pedestrian and street light improvements to create a pleasant walk-able street throughout the evening and eventually replace undergrounded lighting with additional street lights.

  • Pedestrian lighting:

    • South of Overpass (to the Promenade): new pedestrian lights will match the more industrial lighting from the rail stop.

    • North of Overpass (Spenger’s block): Acorn lights will continue a Fourth Street retail design element to the Overpass.

    • Lighting elements will be used to transition from one project node to another, integrating the rail stop, retail shops and bike bridge.

South of Overpass  North of Overpass.jpg 
South of Overpass  North of Overpass


  • Two four foot planting strips will run the length of Addison until the Park Entry where double planting of London Planes on the north side of the street and less linear elements highlight the design.  Native grasses and low vegetation will be planted with pervious pavers providing car access

  • Native Red Alders will be planted on Addison from 4th to 2nd Street.

  • London Plane (Sycamore) will be used throughout 4th Street to provide consistency throughout Fourth Street retail areas.

  • Pictures


  • Seat walls and paving in the project will honor the Ohlone history of the area with pattern work reflective of Ohlone basket weaving. The Agency is collaborating with a local developer and Ohlone artists to design patterns in the seatwall throughout and in 2 foot paving strip in project entry points.

Guzzardo Partnership pavement.jpg

Image from Guzzardo Partnership

  • Seat walls (interspersed with bike rack/tree guards as described below) on 4th Street will wrap around trees in lieu of tree grates and guards. 

  • Skate stoppers were designed to integrate the Chestnut leaf, a plant used by the ohlone medicionally.


Bike Racks / Tree guards

  • On 4th street  in limited settings on Addison, artistically designed bike racks and Tree guard will offer unique iconographic features to the project integrating the Ohlone weaving theme , while serving functionally to provide secure bicycle access to amenities on the route and protecting new planted trees.

Tree Guard Bike Rack.JPG Courtesy of: Palmer Group LLC


With support from Measure B from the Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority the Agency commissioned the design of unique iconographic signage and banners to direct visitors between 4th Street and Aquatic Park/Waterfront. Gordon Chun of West Berkeley provided highly appreciated design work for the PAC, garnering unanimously approved designs for banners, directional signage and a welcome sign at Aquatic Park . Eureka Cartography provided a map installed at the Rail Stop and to be installed at 4th and Addison .

  • Banners will be placed on 4th Street both north and south of the overpass encouraging shoppers to venture to the park and under the overpass.


  • Wayfinding will be highlighted at the Rail Stop, in Aquatic Park improvements at the bike bridge’s Touchdown Plaza, and at 4th and Addison.


  • A double sided sign at Second and Addison will welcome people in all modes of transportation to Aquatic Park and invite pedestrians and cyclist on to waterfront activities while simultaneously welcoming those entering West Berkeley from the Bike Ped Bridge to a sample of its many attractions.


The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) generously donated the incredible services of their interpretive and design staff to provide educational panels at the Rail Stop.  The panels celebrate the adjacent Ohlone Shellmound , the historic shoreline, early industrial history and the nearby parkland.  Just beyond Aquatic Park linked by the Bike Ped Bridge is Eastshore State Park (ESP) managed by EBRPD with incredible habitat and recreational values.  All of ESP’s wonders are accessible by foot or bike from the rail stop via the Aquatic Park Connection Streetscape Improvement Project.


Images of park map courtesy of California State Parks at

Addiso1.jpg   defaul10.jpg