Assignment List for Beat Officers

 Beat Officer Line-up for June 21, 2014 - January 2, 2015 

The City of Berkeley Police Department allows officers to bid for specific patrol beats every six months. The bidding is based on seniority. Once the teams/beats are finalized, a BPD Patrol Officer is now assigned to a specific patrol beat during a 10-hour or 12-hour shift.  Each officer is responsible for his/her area, in addition to providing cover officer functions and other duties as needed for adjacent beats or team members. BPD Patrol Officers are in regular communication with other divisions within the department about crime trends, wanted individuals and community concerns. They work to reduce crime and promote overall community safety. 

Police Badge Stylized 4Officers  make contact with community members and businesses in order to communicate relevant information regarding safety, crime trends and security surveys (more formally known as Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design - CPTED assessments) of homes and businesses.  Officers are assigned to patrol teams and many have collateral duties such as being a member of the Crowd Management Team (CMT), EOD (Bomb Squad) and/or the Barricaded Subject/Hostage Negotiation Team.