Scheduled Construction Activities
Week of May 18, 2015

Detailed information pertaining to construction projects and related activities within the city.

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  1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Projects

    1. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Carleton Street at Mabel Street and 2031 6th Street
      Gold Wing Engineering

      Punch list.

    2. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Piedmont Avenue, Dwight Way, Derby Street, Webster Street, Montrose Road
      Pacific Trenchless, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)
      Public Notice for Webster Street (.pdf)
      Public Notice (.pdf)

      Pressure/vacuum testing of manholes throughout project site.

      Montrose Road (#140 - #190) - Manhole rehabilitation and pressure testing.
      Webster St (2500 block) - Manhole rehabilitation and pressure testing.
      Marin Ave (2300 block) - Manhole rehabilitation and pressure testing. 

      rdbarrierNote: Please heed all “No Parking”, temporary directional signs and obey construction flagman directing traffic in project area. Please slow down when driving through the construction area.

    3. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Parker Street between 4th and 7th
      D'Arcy & Harty Construction, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      No scheduled work.

    4. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      5th Street, Cedar Street, MLK Jr. Way
      Pacific Trenchless, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Center Street between Shattuck and Oxford (2100 block) - Contractor coordinating with UC, UC contractor (Plant) and City to complete the rehabilitation of the interior manholes and punch list items remaining to complete the work.

      5th Street (between Virginia & Hearst, 1700-1800 blocks) - Testing of manholes, sanitary sewer main and laterals.

      Cedar Street (between 5th & San Pablo) - Testing of manholes, sanitary sewer main and laterals.

      MLK Jr. Way (1200 block) - Testing of manholes, sanitary sewer main and laterals.

      Euclid Ave backline (at the EBMUD Berryman Rate Control Station on the 1300 Block of Euclid) - Rehabilitate existing sanitary sewer main and rehabilitate existing manholes.

      rdbarrierNote: Please heed all “No Parking” and temporary directional signs in project area.

    5. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Hearst Avenue between Bonita and Shattuck
      Precision Engineering, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Rehabilitate existing sanitary sewer main and laterals and rehabilitate existing manholes (1900 and 2000 blocks).

      Rehabilitate existing sanitary sewer main and laterals on Hearst Avenue (LBNL to La Loma).

    6. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Panoramic Way Area Phase III - Panoramic Way (from 208 Panoramic Way to 365 Panoramic Way), Panoramic Place, Mosswood Road (above Arden Path) backline, and the backline on 158 Panoramic Way and 160 Panoramic Way
      Pacific Trenchless, Inc.
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Manhole testing. Continue rehabilitation and replacement of sanitary sewer mains and lower laterals and rehabilitation of manholes (Panoramic Way (easement at #160)).

    7. Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
      Rugby, Vermont, Vassar, Boynton backline, Florida, Santa Barbara, La Loma Path, Shattuck, Oxford, Monterey, Masonic, San Pablo, Cornell, Cedar, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, and Regent
      Mosto Construction
      Project Notice and Map (.pdf)

      Rehabilitation of sanitary sewer manholes.

  2. Storm Water Projects

    1. FY 2014 Measure M Low Impact Development (LID) Projects
      Grade Tech, Inc.
      Project Notice (.pdf)
      E-mail link to Project Inspector
      E-mail link to Construction Manager

      Vine/Spruce: Plant Maintenance Period
      Eunice/Milvia: Punchlist
      Milvia/Hopkins: Punchlist

    2. Claremont Creek Culvert Repair at Hazel Road
      56 and 75 Hazel Road
      Gold Wing Engineering, Inc.
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      CCTV storm drain and sewer.

    3. FY 2015 Storm Drainage and Valley Gutter Improvement Project
      Bonita Ave/Berkeley Way, Fresno Ave/Sonoma Ave, Oregon St/Fulton St
      GradeTech, Inc.
      E-mail link to Project Engineer E-mail link to Project Inspector

      No activity.

    4. Terrace View Park Drainage Improvements
      Terrace View Park (1421 Queens Road near Fairlawn)
      W. R. Forde Associates
      E-mail link to Project Engineer E-mail link to Project Inspector

      Park is closed to the public. Replace pipe on Fairlawn Drive in immediate vicinity of Terrace View Park and inside Terrace View Park.

  3. Street Paving Projects

    1. Street Rehabilitation FY 2015
      Alcatraz Avenue, Channing Way, College Avenue, Durant Avenue, Dwight Way, Fulton Street, Hearst Avenue, and Sacramento Street
      MCK Services, Inc.
      Location Map (.pdf)  Project Notice (.pdf)

      Upcoming project.

    2. FY 2015 Measure M Street Resurfacing and Reconstruction
      Various streets throughout Berkeley
      Gallagher & Burk, Inc.
      Location Map (.pdf)

      Upcoming project.

  4. Other Projects

    1. FY 2015 Bike Rack Installation
      Various locations
      AJW Construction, Inc.
      E-mail link to Project Engineer
      E-mail link to Project Inspector

      No construction activity.

    2. Pavement Investigation
      Various locations
      Nichols Consulting Engineers
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Investigative coring for pavement design at the following locations:

      Belrose from Russell to Derby
      Derby from Warring to Belrose
      Warring from Dwight to Derby
      Piedmont Cres from Dwight to Warring
      Codornices from Euclid to East End
      Campus from Parnassus to East End
      Parnassus from Del Mar to Campus
      Prince from Tremont to Telegraph
      Arcade from Fairlawn to Grizzly Peak
      Senior from Grizzly Peak to West End
      Spruce from Vine to Rose

    3. Survey Monument Recovery
      Virginia/Spruce, Durant/College, Hearst/Grant, 6015 Chabolyn Terr
      E-mail link to Project Engineer

      Dig to recover survey monuments and construct casings.

  5. Outside Agencies' Projects

    1. PGE
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Restoration work and pole replacement work at various small locations throughout the city.

      Installation of SCADA (sensor) equipment at Carrison/Mabel and Shattuck/Channing - pending.

      2107 Dwight (Shattuck between Haste and Dwight) - Vault placement and new service to new building.

    2. EBMUD
      E-mail link to City contact person

      rdbarrierRoble Road, Roble Court and Tunnel Road - Water line replacement. Starting February 26, for approximately 3 months, contractor Ranger Pipelines working on Tunnel Road from The Uplands to Hiller Drive from 9AM to 9PM M-F. Alternating Northbound and Southbound Lane Closures..

      rdbarrierDwight Way, Warring St, Derby St - Pipeline installation. Starting at Dwight Way east of Warring.

      Folger Ave from Hollis to San Pablo - Pipeline replacement.

      Vassar - Hydrant work for Summit Reservoir. Pending.

      Berkeley Way/Bonita Ave - Lower water line for valley gutter construction.

      Fulton St/Oregon St - Lower water line for valley gutter construction.

      Restoration work at numerous small areas throughout the city.

      Berkeley View Facility Upgrade
      SE corner of Shasta Road and Hill Road (next to Fire Station #7 on Shasta Road)
      EBMUD Community Affairs Office, (510) 287-0140,
      After hours, 1 (866) 403-2683
      EBMUD Public Notice (.pdf)

      Replacement of existing pumps, motors, electrical components and internal cranes. Contractor will be using the Shasta Reservoir property at the end of Bay Tree Lane for staging and parking. Construction is projected to start in April 2015 and complete by June 2015.

      Ground Movement Pipeline Improvements on Euclid Ave between Cragmont and Keith

      For updated information and contacts regarding EBMUD Reservoir Replacement and Transmission Pipeline projects please follow the appropriate link below:

      Berryman Reservoir Replacement Project (Euclid Ave. at Cordornices Park)

      Panoramic Hill Improvements - EBMUD will begin potholing to identify underground utilities and pipes in the Panoramic Hill neighborhood of Berkeley and Oakland. This work is part of the design phase of the Panoramic Hill Improvements Project. Work will begin in mid-April and will take about 4 to 6 weeks. Typical work hours are Tuesday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. Work will not occur on Mondays to avoid trash pick-up day. Traffic may be impacted so expect short delays.

      Summit Reservoir Replacement Project (Spruce at Grizzly Peak)
      EBMUD Summit Reservoir Notice (.pdf)

      Wildcat Pipeline Project

    3. AT&T Telephone
      E-mail link to City contact person

      Crews removing old poles throughout Berkeley.
      Investigative and cable pulling work within existing manholes and vaults throughout the city.

    4. AC Transit
      Line 51 Corridor Delay Reduction and Sustainability (CDRS) Project
      AC Transit contact person: Wil Buller, AC Transit Planning Division, (510) 891-4854

      College, Bancroft, Durant, Shattuck, University

      Work along the Line 51 route including bus stop removal/relocation/lengthening, traffic signal modifications, striping, bulbouts/sidewalk extensions, and curb ramps.

      Concrete work and signage modifications continue including median island work on Shattuck Avenue at Durant. Striping on University, College and Durant.

      More information about the Line 51 CDRS Project can be found at

    5. University of California at Berkeley
      Information provided by
      UC contact person: Christine Shaff
      UC Berkeley Real Estate, (510) 643-4793

      Lower Sproul Redevelopment
      The Lower Sproul Redevelopment program is designed to revitalize the area on the south side of campus near Bancroft and Telegraph. The program includes the replacement of Eshleman Hall; renovation and addition to the MLK Jr. Student Union; upgrades to Cesar Chavez Student Center; and improvements to the plaza. Construction is scheduled to be complete in fall 2015.

      The north sidewalk, parking and one driving lane of Bancroft Way between Telegraph Ave. and Dana Street will be closed for the duration of construction.

      More information about Lower Sproul Redevelopment can be found at

      UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
      Construction is underway for a project that will create a new home for BAM/PFA, a vibrant multi-media art center for the campus and community. This center is comprised of the re-purposed former UC printing plant at 2120 Oxford Street as well as new construction. The donor-funded facility will house BAM/PFA’s exhibition galleries, library, film study center; education and art-making spaces; store; cafe; and offices as well as a 230-seat theater and a 32-seat screening room. The new facility is scheduled to open in early 2016.

      The sidewalks on Addison, Oxford and Center Streets immediately adjacent to the project site will be closed during construction. Parking and driving lane closures, some temporary, are also anticipated.

      For images of the new facility and more information about the new home for BAM/PFA please go to

      The BAM/PFA project is scheduled to begin finishing sidewalks and curbs and pave adjacent streets starting the week of March 9. Traffic lane closures and detours are planned and some of the activities will be disruptive. This work is expected to continue through mid-April.

      Curbs and Gutters
      Project work includes removal of existing and placement with new concrete curbs and gutters adjacent to the new BAM/PFA. Each phase of the work will start on Addison, then wrap around Oxford and down Center St.

      New Paving
      The project will pave a small section of Addison, southbound Oxford from Addison to Center St., and Center St. from Oxford to Shattuck. A drawing showing the plans is online at

      Paving work will include a grinding machine removing existing asphalt (up to 9" deep in some locations), placement of new hot-asphalt paving and repainting traffic striping (including the mid-block crosswalk on Center). Grinding asphalt causes dust; this activity will be limited to the morning hours to minimize the impact on nearby businesses and pedestrians.

      Addison Street: The eastern section of Addison Street will be closed for approximately two days while the asphalt is removed and replaced. Both the University Hall "well" and University Hall West surface parking lot will be accessible from the west (i.e. the Shattuck / Addison intersection).

      Center Street: Center Street repaving will take approximately ten days. There will be times when two-way traffic on Center Street cannot be maintained. When that is the case, flaggers and signs will be in place. Pedestrian access along the south side of Center Street will be maintained at all times.

      No Parking signs will be posted 72 hours in advance of any restrictions. As noted, the work will take place in different areas around the site at different times. When there are lane closures and/or detours, flaggers will direct traffic.

      Deliveries to area businesses will be maintained, however please expect traffic delays during this time.

      Please direct questions or concerns to Alicia Van Riggs, UC Berkeley Project Coordinator, at or Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Real Estate, or (510) 643-4793.

      Jacobs Hall
      This new building at the corner of Ridge Road and LeRoy Ave. will be the home of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation, a Berkeley Engineering initiative that provides undergraduate students with experience sin human-centered design, hand-on prototyping, and team-based learning. The facility will include design studios, flexible teaching and collaboration spaces, exhibit areas, and digital fabrication labs. Construction is scheduled to be complete for the Fall 2015 semester.

      Information about campus construction is available on the web at Questions or concerns can be addressed to Christine Shaff, UC Berkeley Real Estate, at (510) 643-4793 or Other campus resources include the UC Office of Environment Health and Safety at (510) 642-3073.


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