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Transportation Improvements

  • Crosswalk Lights - New in-pavement crosswalk lights, pedestrian push buttons, and advance warning beacons were installed at M. L. King/Prince. (Picture is of older installation at Sacramento/Oregon.)
  • California/Dwight Traffic Island - A new landscaped traffic island was installed and the existing crosswalks were re-painted. 
  • Traffic Circles - LeConte Area - 5 new traffic circles were installed at a construction cost of $77,553. 
  • FY 2005 Traffic Circles Phase 2 - 10 new traffic circles were installed at various locations for approximately $125,000.
  • Dwight Way Traffic Calming Project - Traffic calming bulbouts (extensions of the concrete sidewalk) were installed at the intersections of Dwight Way /Curtis Street, Dwight Way / Mabel Street, and Dwight Way / Acton Street.  The work also included curb ramps, catch basins, and storm drain lines.
  • Traffic Signal at Hearst/Arch/Le Conte - New traffic signals were installed at the intersection of Hearst Avenue / Arch Street / Le Conte Avenue. This $200,000 project was a joint venture between the City and the University of California to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • West Street Improvements - A new bicycle and pedestrian trail was constructed between University Avenue and Delaware Street. 
  • Mathews/Oregon Traffic Circle - The intersection was modified to include a new traffic circle, new red curbs, crosswalks, and centerlines.
  • Malcolm X Safe Route to School Traffic Calming - The intersections of King/Tyler, California/Tyler, California/Woolsey, Ellis/Prince, and Prince/King were modified to include corner bulbouts, valley gutters and/or traffic circles. Feedback signs were placed on Ashby.
  • Spruce Street Traffic Calming - The intersections of Spruce/Vine and Spruce/Rose were modified to include corner bulbouts and/or traffic circles.
  • Lorin District Traffic Circles Phase 2 - The intersections of King/Fairview, King/Harmon, King/Woolsey, and Ellis/Woolsey were modified to include traffic circles.Traffic Circle - King_Fairview
    Traffic Circle - King_HarmonTraffic Circle - King_WoolseyTraffic Circle - Ellis_Woolsey  
  • Speed Feedback Signs - New speed feedback signs were installed at Sacramento (NB) south of Harmon, Arlington (SB) north of Mendocino, Telegraph (NB) south of Stuart, and M. L. King (NB) south of Russell.

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