Status of Utility Undergrounding Districts

  1. Status of Utility/Ratepayer Financed Underground Utility Districts


    1. Grizzly Peak/Summit Utility Underground District No. 48

      Assessment Process Start - May 2014
      Assessment Public Hearing - Summer/Fall 2016
      Assessment Process Complete - December 2017
      Design start - January 2016
      Design completion - December 2017
      Substructure start - July 2018
      Substructure complete - December 2020
      Electric construction start - January 2021
      Pole removal complete - December 2021

    2. Vistamont Utility Underground District No. 35A

      Assessment Process Start - TBD
      Assessment Public Hearing - TBD
      Assessment Process Complete - TBD
      Design start - TBD
      Design completion - TBD
      Substructure start - TBD
      Substructure complete - TBD
      Electric construction start - TBD
      Pole removal complete - TBD


  2. Status of Applicant Financed Underground Utility Districts

Applicant Financed Underground Utility District Informational Packets are currently being revised. They are scheduled to be available at a later date.

 The City is not accepting applications for new Rule 20 A Utility Undergrounding Districts due to insufficient work credits for new work.