General Services - Procurement

Our Mission: General Services - Procurement is dedicated to providing excellent, responsive and courteous service to City Departments and the community by: 

  • Implementing appropriate laws and ordinances; 
  • Ensuring City Departments receive required material on a timely basis; 
  • Getting maximum value from City resources; 
  • Working closely and cooperatively with vendors; 
  • Making Procurement and its personnel successful through training and development; and  
  • Minimizing inventory losses through centralized purchasing and good planning. 

In performing these services, Procurement uses a system that is fair, accountable, and promotes competition, impartiality, and the economic use of funds.

Functions of Procurement

  • Procures materials, supplies, equipment and services. 
  • Administers the City's centralized purchasing system. 
  • Develops bid specifications jointly with City departments, obtaining bids through advertising and direct solicitation, establishing and monitoring price agreement contracts, and issuing purchase orders. 
  • Maintains a register of professional and personal services consultants who are interested in working with the City.  
  • Administers the sale or auction of City surplus property, impounded vehicles, City fleet, and unclaimed confiscated goods through public auctions. 
  • Provides printing, forms design, postal service and interoffice courier service to all City departments. 

To contact General Services - Procurement, please call (510) 981-7320 or send email to

Doing Business With the City of Berkeley