Information for Roofing Contractors

We are often asked what inspections are required for new roofs and re-roofs.  This should clarify the City of Berkeley's policy regarding inspections for new roofs and re-roofs.

New Construction.  For all new construction, including additions, new buildings or alterations that involve changes to the roof framing:

Re-Roofs.  No roof deck inspection is required except:

Specifications for these two items must be submitted with the Building Permit Application and attached to the job site and inspector’s copies of the Building Permit when issued.

Reminder:  Per Uniform Building Code Section 108.3, "It shall be the duty of the person requesting any inspections required by this code to provide access to and means for inspection of such work." A ladder must be provided, and secured as necessary, if an inspector is required to perform the requested inspection.  The inspector will need to be able to survey visually the entire roof area by 360 degrees.