Echo Lake Camp Staff Applicant Information:

Echo Lake Camp is located fifteen minutes from South Lake Tahoe atop a 7,400 foot ridge overlooking the Tahoe Basin. Camp programs include Family Camp, Youth Resident Camp, Counselors-In-Training (CIT), 50+ Camp, Pre-K Family Weekend, Teen Retreat, and private group rentals. A variety of Camp Staff positions are available for Summer 2017 with duties and responsibilities ranging from facilities maintenance, food service, and recreation programs, to office administration, lifeguards, and child care.  Please review the job descriptions below for additional information: 

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Echo Lake Camp General Staff Requirements

Echo Lake Camp Summer 2017 Staff Positions

Note:  Our Summer 2017 Program Season begins June 9, 2017, and concludes September 10, 2017.   All staff are required to attend a MANDATORY Staff Training, June 11-15, 2017.  Leadership are required to attend a MANDATORY staff training June 5-9, 2017.  Please note that due to the needs of Camp, applicants unavailable or unable to commit to the full season commitment may not be considered.

  • Full Summer 2017 Staff Job Descriptions Coming Soon <----Click here for a full description of our 2017 seasonal camp staff positions available
  • Camp Staff Member Job Descriptions Coming Soon

    Camp Staff Leader Job Descriptions Coming Soon

    Camp Staff Supervisor Job Descriptions Coming Soon

    Other Positions at Camp include:   

     Camp Staff  - Opening Season

    Season:    June 1 – June 16, 2017
    Pay Rate:
     Up to $136.24 / Day
    Benefits: Room and Board Provided. 

    Echo Lake Camp Staff assisting with opening camp fulfill a variety of roles including setting up tent tarps, opening buildings, clearing ground debris, cleaning camp, and setting up program areas and supplies.  Duties vary depending on Camp needs.  Camp Staff will work with volunteers, student service learning groups, and other staff to ensure Camp program areas are clean, orderly, and fully operational prior to the official start of the season June 16, 2016.  Applicants to other full season positions (below) may extend their season contract by including the Camp Opening season.

    Camp Staff  - Family Camp

    Season:    Jun 9 - Jul 31, 2017
    Pay Rate:
    Up to $136.24 / Day
    Benefits: Room and Board Provided.

    Camp Staff  - Youth Camp Counselors

    Season:    Jul 30 - Aug 19, 2017
    Pay Rate:
    Up to $136.24 / Day
    Benefits: Room and Board Provided.

    Camp Staff - Fall Season and Closing Programs

    Season:    August 19 - September 30, 2017
    Pay Rate:
    Up to $136.24 / Day
    Benefits: Room and Board Provided. 

    Echo Lake Camp Staff assisting with fall season and closing program responsibilities fulfill a variety of roles.  Staff will serve the needs of Private Group Rentals, assist with preparing Camp for the fall season, and work on closing projects, such as supplies inventory, break down of program areas, storage of equipment, and a variety of camp improvement projects.  Several private group rentals are scheduled for 2016

    • Aug 19- 25:       Echo Lake 50+ Camp
    • Aug 25-27:        BLUES Weekend
    • Aug 27-Sep 1:   TBD - Fall Rental Programs
    • Sept. 1-5:         FOBTC Labor Day Weekend
    • Sept. 5-:       TBD - Fall Rental Programs
    • Sept. 10-23:      Possible School Outdoor Education Programs
    • Sept. 23-30:      CLOSING Camp  

    Throughout the closing season, Camp Staff will work with volunteers, student service learning groups, and other staff to ensure Camp program areas are clean, orderly, and fully operational during programs and in preparation for the closing of camp.  NOTE: Applicants to other full season positions (below) may extend their season contract by including the Camp Closing season.


    Camp Medical Staff (.pdf)

    Weekly Rotations: June 17 – Sep. 10, 2017
    Pay Rate:
    $62.88 - $94.32 / Day
    Benefits: Room & Board Provided. Medical Staff can bring additional family members or guests to camp with them! 

    The Echo Lake Camp Medical Staff position is a unique opportunity for qualified medical professionals to join the Echo Lake Camp Staff team for one week or more in beautiful Echo Lake CA, overlooking South Lake Tahoe, CA. Echo Lake Camp is situated along the Pacific Crest Trail just minutes away from Desolation Wilderness, and offers a variety of summer residential camp programs including Family Camp (all ages), Private Group Rentals, Youth Residential Camp (Age 7-14), City of Berkeley Weekend programs, and Adult Camps (50+).  

    Due to State of CA minimum standards, the Camp Medical Staff role is typically filled by a Medical Doctor, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Emergency Medical Technician, or similarly qualified medical professional. Camp Medical Staff attend to the day-to-day health and safety needs of Echo Lake Camp guests and staff. This position will work out of our ‘Health Hut’, a small facility equipped with basic medical supplies and equipment located in the center of camp.  

    Daily tasks will vary based on the program taking place at Echo Lake Camp. During our Family Camp Sessions, Camp Medical Staff typically attend to medical needs of campers such as minor wounds, bumps, cuts, scrapes, splinters, headaches, or other ailments as well as attending to emergency situations as they arise. Camp Medical Staff will document interactions and regularly communicate with Camp Administrative Staff.  

    During our Youth Residential Camp sessions, August 3-21, 2015, Camp Medical Staff will attend to the needs of Youth Residential Campers (age 7-16). This may include performing head lice checks, tracking and dispensing prescription medication administration, attending to basic medical needs of campers in accordance with on file Health History and Medical Authorization forms, and addressing issues and concerns such as homesickness and bedwetting. 

    While medical and emergency situations can and will arise, Camp Medical Staff will have opportunities to enjoy camp and the surrounding area.

    To Apply:  

    The City typically begins accepting Echo Lake Camp applications in December. If you would like to be considered for open jobs, read the information below:

    • For information about all City of Berkeley Recreation Department Hiring, visit the Recreation Employment Page.   
    • For Echo Lake Camp positions, complete the City of Berkeley Application (.pdf) and Supplemental Questionnaire (.pdf).   
    • In the "Employment Record" portion of the City’s application, list all your paid or volunteer experience, as it applies to the job. Examples include: babysitting jobs, youth coaching experience, leadership camps, youth mentoring programs, etc. If you have any questions about what is appropriate, feel free to contact us.   
    • In the “Relevant licenses, certificates, or training” portion of the City’s application, list relevant certificates that apply to the job. Examples include: First Aid and CPR, Lifeguard, WSI, etc.   
    • Attach all required certifications with your application. (Please refer to the “Job Requirements” section below for certificates required for the position you are applying for with the City).   

    Please mail or drop-off your completed applications to:  

    City of Berkeley Recreation Office
    Attn: Echo Lake Camp Employment
    2701 Telegraph Avenue
    Berkeley, CA 94705
    Phone: (510) 981-6717
    Fax: (510) 981-5160.
    Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.


    Upon receipt, applications will be reviewed and qualified candidates will be contacted by phone or email with further instructions. 

    Echo Lake Camp Staff Requirements

    Negative TB Test Result: Candidates under serious consideration must provide proof of a recent negative T.B. Test prior the beginning of the program.

    Identification: Federal law requires that prior to employment, applicants must furnish proof of identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. Proof may be furnished by various documents such as Social Security Card (original) is required, birth certificate, driver’s license/CA I.D., passport, etc.

    Fingerprinting: California state law requires that all recreation employees and volunteers having direct contact, supervisory or disciplinary authority over minors be fingerprinted as a condition of employment. Candidates under serious consideration for hire will be referred for fingerprinting.

    CPR/ First Aid/ AED certification: All Echo Lake Camp staff must be in possession of a current CPR/ First Aid/ AED certification from the American Heart Association or other nationally recognized certification provider.

    Safe Food Handler’s Certification: All staff members working in the Food Service Department or with food handling responsibilities must possess a valid Safe Food Handler’s Certification, according to California state law.  

    Minimum Age Requirement: The State of California requires any staff working as Camp Counselors to be at least 18 years of age OR a high school graduate.  

    (pdf) This is a pdf format, if you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, please download from City's download site. If you are unable to access this information online, please participate by contacting us via email, telephone (510) 981-5150, or TDD (510) 981-6903.