Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 11-24-2015

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Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2014-0069 2029-35 Blake Mixed use development with 72 apartments, 2,200 square feet of retail/cafe floor area and three live/work units.  Parklet also proposed in ROW under separate permit.  61 parking space and 55 bike spaces. Shannon Allen 12-03-15
ZP2015-0055 2025 Center Center Street garage Fatema Crane 11-12-15
ZP2015-0136 2142 Center Add full liquor to existing beer and wine service and extend hours to midnight 7 days a week Leslie Mendez 11-10-15
ZP2015-0186 966 Creston Hot tub Amanda Wallace 12-07-15
ZP2015-0147 2528 Durant To exceed to the quota limits on new quick service restaurants James Frank 12-03-15
ZP2015-0112 907 Euclid Residential remodel and addition Fatema Crane 11-30-15
AUP2014-0064 110 Fairlawn New third floor addition Elizabeth Greene 11-24-15
ZP2015-0157 2001 Fourth Modify UP2014-0040.  Part I and Part II Greg Powell 11-03-15
ZP2015-0188 912 Gilman Anvil Brewing Company. 1) tasting room 2) restaurant Immanuel Bereket 11-10-15
 DRSL2015-0026  939 Grayson New roof element Anne Burns 11-24-15
ZP2015-0213 2810 Oak Knoll Hot tub Amanda Wallace 12-07-15
DRSA2015-0024 2910 Seventh Signage: Aquatic Park Center Anne Burns 11-24-15
ZP2015-0114 2319 Shattuck Modify UP#06-10000148 Leslie Mendez 11-10-15
ZP2015-0190 1810 Sonoma Second story addition.  Fifth bedroom. Amanda Wallace 12-14-15
DRSA2015-0022 2369 Telegraph Signage: Daiso Anne Burns 11-12-15
DRSA2015-0012 2485-99 Telegraph Signs and awnings Anne Burns 11-12-15
ZP2015-0159 1974 University Modify UP#2013-0036 Leslie Mendez 11-09-15
ZP2015-0182 2844 Webster To excavate in a nonconforming yard and add new window openings. Additional interior work for bedrooms, bath and basement. James Frank 12-08-15
ZP2015-0129 678 Woodmont New greenhouse Amanda Wallace 12-14-15
ZP2015-0131 1120 Woodside

2,935 single family residence with an
attached 2-car garage and basement

Greg Powell 12-03-15