Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 09-29-2016

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2016-0071 2300 Acton Continue a nonconforming street side yard to create 32sf of habitable space James Frank 10-10-16
ZP2016-0075 2486 Channing Establish a dental office James Frank 09-26-16
ZP2016-0121 460 Cragmont A 166 sq. ft. two-story addition in the front and rear of the existing building, and remodel of an existing 3-story single family residence.  The two-story addition would have an average height of 18'-8" James Frank 09-26-16
ZP2016-0107 1411 Edith To convert existing accessory building into Accessory Dwelling Unit with reduced setbacks Charles Enchill 09-29-16
DRSL2015-0005 2813 Eighth Renovation and conversion of existing structure, resulting in 3 living units with on-site parking. Anne Burns 10-13-16
ZP2016-0086 1256 Hopkins Enlarge window openings within a non-conforming front yard James Frank 09-26-16
ZP2016-0076 1705 Jaynes Constructing a 3rd story addition over 600 SF within the front yard setback of a single family home and adding a 5th bedroom to the parcel. Leslie Mendez 10-04-16
ZP2016-0061 2408 McGee Major residential addition. Add 5th bedroom. James Frank 09-19-16
ZP2015-0201 1480 Olympus Raise garage roof and living room roof over 14' (garage roof over 20' max. too and in non-conforming front yard setback) James Frank 09-26-16
ZP2015-0196 1336 Milvia Construct new duplex on parcel with existing parcel Immanuel Bereket 10-10-16
DRSL2016-0014 3100 San Pablo Exterior changes Anne Burns 10-03-16
ZP2015-0071 2129 Shattuck Berkeley's mixed-use high-rise hotel Greg Powell 06-16-16
ZP2015-0102 2777 Shattuck To establish a full service auto dealership and construct approximately 3,300 square feet of new floor area. Shannon Allen 09-29-16
ZP2016-0119 1707 Solano Incidental beer and wine for a quick-service restaurant Sydney Stephenson 09-26-16
ZP2016-0139 584 Spruce Hot tub Gaby Pantoja 10-10-16
ZP2016-0082 2411 Telegraph Incidental beer and wine for a full-service restaurant Sydney Stephenson 09-26-16
DRSA2016-0017 950 University Signage at gas station Anne Burns 09-28-16
ZP2015-0128 2424 Warring Add floor area and bedroom to property with excessive lot coverage. Greg Powell 09-29-16