Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 12-01-2016

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Permit #



Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2016-059 1836 Capistrano Major residential addition Jim Frank 12-07-16
 ZP2016-0127 1869 Catalina To construct a 384 square foot third story addition at the rear of an existing three story home Fatema Crane 12-21-16
ZP2016-0045 3003 Dwight Major residential addition Greg Powell 12-13-16
DRSA2016-0026 1475 Eastshore Reface sign and re-skin awning Anne Burns 12-01-16
ZP2016-0159 928 Hilldale Enlarging and deck over 14 feet in average height Lucy Sundelson 12-07-16
ZP2016-0080 2901 Otis Major residential addition. New single car garage in rear yard. Greg Powell 12-21-16
ZP2016-0128 2629 Regent Demolish 4 car carport in the rear yard and replace with 4 uncovered parking spots. Jim Frank 12-19-16