Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 07-18-2016

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2015-0275 2321 California Construct new second story, demo garage, relocate parking James Frank 07-25-16
ZP2015-0246 3011 College AUP to add dormers above 14' in average height to create habitable space, AUP to reduce ADU setback of 4' for new ADU, AUP to increase ADU eave height above 10' within 4' of a property line. Immanuel Bereket 07-20-16
ZP2015-0204 2817 Eighth Modify UP#05-10000116. Design changes. Fatema Crane 07-18-16
DRSA2015-0004 1050 Gilman Signage: Chipotle Anne Burns 07-28-16
DRSL2015-0027 1030 Grayson Demolish existing single family residence and accessory building, and construct  dwelling units Anne Burns 07-28-16
ZP2016-0090 2020 Kittredge Expansion of alcohol sales area James Frank 08-01-16
ZP2015-0263 1228 Ordway Alter roof line and add a sunroom above 14' in average height. James Frank 07-20-16
ZP2016-0017 1309 Ordway New 493sf second story addition creating 5th bedroom and 'major residential addition' as there was a 121sf addition in 1999. James Frank 07-20-16
ZP2016-0104 2611 Parker New windows in the required rear yard of a legal and nonconforming building Gaby Pantoja 07-26-16
ZP2015-0133 1314 Peralta 376 sq. ft. second story addition with 84 sq. ft. roof deck. Leslie Mendez 07-20-16
DRSL2015-0023 2835 San Pablo Exterior changes to Elks Lodge Anne Burns 07-28-16
ZP2015-0071 2129 Shattuck Berkeley's mixed-use high-rise hotel Greg Powell 06-16-16
ZP2015-0018 2597 Telegraph New 10-unit residential building with density bonus Fatema Crane 07-25-16