Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 03-20-2015

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2014-0054 3332 Adeline To modify an existing wireless telecommunication facility Pamela Johnson     04-07-15
ZP2014-0035 1456 Cornell Major residential addtion greater than 600 sq. ft, and addition greater than 14 ft. in height. Pamela Johnson 03-23-15
ZP2014-0053 800 Dwight Legalize the installation go two temporary trailers, which will serve as overflow office space for up to three years while existing offices are remodeled. Fatema Crane 03-24-15
ZP2014-0060 1635 Edith Major residential addition greater than 600 sq. ft. Fatema Crane 04-02-15
UP2014-0007 690 Euclid New single-family home     Fatema Crane 04-03-15
AUP2014-0005 1350 Fourth Renovate building. Greg Powell 03-23-15
ZP2015-0053 1760-1770 Fourth Retail conversion: combine two retail spaces into a single retail space Greg Powell 04-12-15
ZP2015-0024 1017 Fresno To construct a roof over the entry porch of a residence, approximately 17' above grade Fatema Crane 03-19-15
ZP2014-0015 924 Hilldale Residential addition and remodel Elizabeth Greene 04-06-15
ZP2014-0075 1628 Julia Reconstruct 2-car garage with habitable accessory building Nicholas McIlroy 03-30-15
ZP2014-0072 1029 Keeler Kitchen addition of 270-sq. ft. and over 14'  and to expand the basement to 417 sq. ft. Nicholas McIlory 03-30-15
ZP2014-0062 846 Mendocino Addition to rear of single-family dwelling.  Greater than 14' to allow for larger ADA bathroom Nicholas McIlroy 03-24-15
ZP2014-0073 1531 Oregon Major residential addition greater than 14' in height Fatema Crane 04-02-15
ZP2014-0081 1608 Oregon Residential addition greater than 14 ft. in height and adding a fifth bedroom Leslie Mendez 03-23-15
ZP2015-0013 1335 Santa Fe To construct a residential addition over 14' in average height Pamela Johnson 04-07-15
ZP2014-0064 1637 Solano Convert retail use to office use Nicholas McIlroy 03-26-15
DRSA2014-0040 2454 Telegraph Signage: Mad Monk Anne Burns 03-24-15