Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 10-02-2015

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2015-0150 1608 Acton Residential addition over 14 feet in height James Frank 10-06-15
UP2014-0028 1984 Bonita Music studio with lessons and performances Leslie Mendez 09-23-15
ZP2015-0100 2418 Curtis To construct a habitable accessory building an install a hot tub James Frank 10-06-15
ZP2015-0094 51 Domingo Residential addition over 14 feet in height Fatema Crane 10-08-15
ZP2015-0026 2516 Durant Combine two existing restaurants into one full-service restaurant with incidental full service alcohol and establish a recreational facility Greg Powell 10-02-15
ZP2015-0057 2327 Edwards Residential addition over 14 feet in height Immanuel Bereket 10-19-15
ZP2015-0137 2816 Fulton Residential addition Amanda Wallace 10-14-15
ZP2015-0104 2925 Garber Residential addition over 14 feet in height Fatema Crane 10-08-15
ZP2015-0144 2630 Grant Habitable accessory structure James Frank 09-29-15
ZP2015-0092 3090 King Add 805 sq. ft. to an existing 400 square foot SFR at the rear of the lot by lifting the building. Fatema Crane 10-08-15
ZP2015-0142 1332 Milvia Residential addition over 14 feet in height James Frank 10-12-15
 ZP2015-0145  1350 Peralta Addition to single family home to create a larger living room Amanda Wallace 10-21-15
ZP2014-0057 2622 San Pablo Demolish existing church and construct new church Leslie Mendez 09-22-15
ZP2015-0078 64 Shattuck Combine street level café with new basement billiard room, which will create a bar/tavern and commercial recreation center Shannon Allen 09-22-15
ZP2015-0033 1208 Shattuck Horizontal extension of non-conforming yard, reduction of side yard setback in H-overlay James Frank 10-12-15
ZP2015-0070 1797-A Shattuck Establish incidental beer and wine service and extend hours of operation James Frank 09-21-15
ZP2015-0108 2116 Shattuck Expansion of alcohol service Immanuel Bereket 09-22-15
DRSA2015-0017 2370 Shattuck Signage: Endless Summer Sweets Anne Burns 10-16-15
ZP2015-0035 1701 Sixty-Second Second-story addition Jonathan Berlin 09-30-15
DRSL2014-0032 2848 Telegraph Exterior windows, signage and dome Anne Burns 10-16-15