Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 06-27-2017

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Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2017-0046 1395 Ada Hot tub Charles Enchill 07-05-17
DRSA2017-0014 1935 Addison New wall sign at 1935 Addison Anne Burns 06-13-17
ZP2016-0130 1012 Allston Raise the front main building 2 ft. for a new average height of 21 feet in order to increase the ceiling clearance in the basement of a two-story building, on a site that is lawfully non-conforming for residential density: and to vertically expand the subject building within the non-conforming front yard setback Layal Nawfal 06-20-17
ZP2017-0067 2161 Allston Converting ground floor commercial space to residential amentiy space for residents of the building only.  Immanuel Bereket 07-17-17
ZP2016-0243 2460 Bancroft Establish a full service restaurant.  Sydney Stephenson 07-11-17
ZP2017-0016 2736 Bancroft Increase balcony area by 24 square feet above 14 feet in average height Lucy Sundelson 06-26-17
DRSL2016-0017 2736 Bancroft Renovations to Berkeley Hillel Anne Burns 06-19-17
ZP2016-0177 2154 Blake Rebuild two exterior stairs and landings Lucy Sundelson 07-12-17
ZP2016-0245 1102 Colusa To construct an addition above 14 feet in average height approximately 500 square feet in size and construction of an ADU on the lower level Sydney Stephenson 06-21-17
ZP2017-0027 2713 Derby Convert existing 4-plex back to SFD Charles Enchill 06-21-17
DRCP2017-0006 1255 Eastshore Industrial warehouse for Weatherford BMW Anne Burns 06-05-17
ZP2016-0240 1233 Evelyn Raise an existing 2-story SFR approximately 5 ft. to create a major residential addition and new ADU in the lower level resulting in total gross floor area of approximately 2,200 sq. ft. and an average height of approximately 20 ft.; and vertically extend a non-conforming front yard setback. Charles Enchill 06-20-17
ZP2016-0247 1446 Fifth To construct  four (4) three-story  detached dwelling units with each with enclosed garage in the Mixed-Use Residential District (MU-R) Lucy Sundelson 06-26-17
ZP2016-0199 1404 Fourth Establish a tasting room for beer manufactured on site Sharon Gong 07-11-17
DRSL2016-0019 1404 Fourth Establish a tasting room for beer manufactured on site  Anne Burns 06-21-17
ZP2017-0068 2310 Fulton Conversion of commercial space to retail amenity space for residents of the building only Immanuel Bereket 07-05-17
ZP2016-0252 901 Grizzly Peak Expansion of (e) 172 sq. ft. second unit to 392 sq. ft. in the Hillside.  The addition would be 14'-7" Charles Enchill 06-20-17
ZP2016-0210 2525 Hill Ct Deck demo and rebuild at house rear.  Less than 14'. Lucy Sundelson 06-30-17
ZP2016-0184 50 Northgate Create a 505-sq. ft. ADU in the basement of an existing house Charles Enchill 06-30-17
ZP2016-0255 1301 Parker To create a 2-story residential addition of approximately 590SF at the rear of an (e) 2-story SFR, and to add one bedroom for a total of five. James Frank 07-05-17
ZP2016-0225 2228 Parker  Raise existing rear unit approximately 4' in order to create conditioned habitable lower level.  Change entrance location and remodel interior of main level, new windows, and new deck space for both levels. Property has existing non-conforming lot coverage. Sharon Gong 06-20-17
ZP2016-0089 2440 Sacramento Incidental retail sale of beer and wine for off-site consuption at existing store Sydney Stephenson 06-30-17
ZP2016-0142 970 Santa Barbara  Major residential addition  James Frank 07-11-17
ZP2017-0008 1625 Shattuck Establish a quick service restaurant over 1000 SF. Sharon Gong 07-12-17
ZP2017-0038 1481 Sixth Enclose 35 sq. ft. entry on main level, add 85 sq. ft. to upper level and enclose deck to add master bath Alison Lenci 07-05-17
DRSL2017-0003 1414 University Façade changes for new Target Anne Burns 06-13-17