Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 10-09-2014

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Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2014-0009 1326 Arch Deck over 14' in height Leslie Mendez 10-13-14
UP 2014-0034 1324 Burnett New two-story single-family dwelling Leslie Mendez 10-29-14
UP 2014-0039 1601 Carleton Convert existing church into dwelling.  Lift main building at front to add floor area.  Lift rear building to add floor area. Greg Powell 10-29-14
AUP 2014-0062 1011 Channing Residential addition and unenclosed hot tub Aaron Sage 10-30-14
UP 2014-0027 1700 Dwight Convert daycare to live/work. Pamela Johnson 10-29-14
ZP2014-0036 1011 Gilman To change 2,691 sq. ft. of vacant warehouse/light industrial space to ancillary office, hallway, mechanical and restroom space for adjacent retail use (Whole Foods Market). Aaron Sage 10-21-14
DRSA2014-0026 1025 Gilman Signage: Allegro Anne Burns 10-03-14
UP 2014-0044 1025 Gilman Establish retail sales of alcoholic beverages. Fatema Crane 10-29-14
UP 2014-0033 801 Grayson New 80000-sq. ft. Bayer Healthcare testing facility Aaron Sage 10-01-14
UP 2014-0020 2900 Harper Add dwelling unit and a parking space to a SFR. Jordan Harrison 10-29-14
ZP2014-0012 171 Hill Deck over 14' in height Fatema Crane 10-15-14
UPMOD 2014-0009 2111 McKinley Convert common space into a residential unit Aaron Sage 10-29-14
MODAUP 2014-0001 1315 Northside Modify AUP#11-20000126 Claudine Asbagh 10-30-14
ZP2014-0007 1321 Ordway Residential addition Pamela Johnson 10-27-14
AUP 2014-0078 94 Rock Residential addition over 14' in height Jordan Harrison 10-20-14
AUP 2014-0070 647 Santa Rosa Reduce rear yard setback for 415-sq. ft. addition Elizabeth Greene 10-22-14
AUP 2014-0087 1047 Sierra Habitable space in existing accessory building. Pamela Johnson 10-27-14
ZP 2014-0029 1926 Shattuck To allow on-site beer and wine sales Pamela Johnson 11-10-14
DRSA2014-0028 2721 Shattuck Awning Anne Burns 10-17-14
DRSA2014-0001 2927 Shattuck Signage: Allstate Anne Burns 10-17-14
DRSL2014-0026 2040 Sixth Remodel existing 2-story house; add detached garage Anne Burns 10-23-14
ZP 2014-0004 2575 Telegraph Establish quick-service restaurant which exceeds the C-T quota Leslie Mendez 10-29-14
ZP 2014-0014 1698 University Temporary Christmas tree lot Aaron Sage 10-30-14
ZP 2014-0010 2846 Webster Expand second-story of house Pamela Johnson 11-10-14
ZP2014-0006 2000 Yolo Residential addition Claudine Asbagh 10-28-14