Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 11-20-2014

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Date Appeal Period Expires

AUP 2014-0092 2631-B Ashby

Change use of vacant commercial space into exercise studio and combine space with existing yoga studio.

Aaron Sage 12-10-14
UP 2014-0022 1712 Euclid To establish Group Living Accommodations for up to 35 residents on 2nd and 3rd floors of exisiting theology school building. Aaron Sage 11-19-14
ZP2014-0008 59 Fairlawn Residential addition Claudine Asbagh 12-01-14
AUP 2014-0081 1165 Keeler New window in non-conforming side yard Jordan Harrison 12-11-14
AUP 2014-0071 7 Oakvale Second-story addition Fatema Crane 12-04-14
AUP 2014-0014 2712 Prince Lift house to create two-story home. Claudine Asbagh 11-19-14
DRSA2014-0019 2187 Shattuck Signage: Target express Anne Burns 11-25-14
AUP 2014-0080 1848 Tacoma Major residential addition Fatema Crane 12-04-14
DRS:2014-0029 2816 Tenth Build a workshop behind existing dwelling Anne Burns 11-25-14