Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 06-23-2016

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2015-0202 1600 Bancroft Demolish commercial space, add dwelling unit and alter bldg which encroach on nonconforming yard Immanuel Bereket 07-12-16
ZP2016-0103 1034 Delaware Residential addition above 14' Immanuel Bereket 07-12-16
ZP2015-0222 800 Dwight Permit/legalize installation of five temporary buildings/structures on the north property of the Bayer campus without displacing parking spaces for a period not to exceed three years- BLDG T50A, B, E & F, and BLDG T6A Fatema Crane 07-05-16
ZP2015-0223 800 Dwight Permit/legalize installation of five buildings on the north property of the Bayer campus for a period not to exceed three years: BLDG T14D, E, F & G, and T56A; no parking displaced Fatema Crane 07-05-16
ZP2015-0040 2750 Dwight Wireless telecom - Verizon. Greg Powell 06-30-16
ZP2016-0056 157 El Camino Major residential addition Greg Powell 07-05-16
ZP2016-0029 1378 Francisco 416sf second story addition and increase roof slope within front yard setback. James Frank 07-05-16
ZP2014-0068 30 Hazel 655 SF, 2nd story addition Leslie Mendez 07-13-16
ZP2015-0209 812 Page Demolish commercial building and construct four(4) dwelling units. Greg Powell 06-30-16
ZP2015-0221 797 San Diego Renovate basement area to create family room; create a total of five bedrooms Layal Nawfal 07-05-16
DRSA2015-0027 1610 San Pablo Signage: Mountain Mike's Anne Burns 06-23-16
ZP2015-0218 1400 Santa Fe Residential addition Leslie Mendez 06-27-16
ZP2015-0071 2129 Shattuck Berkeley's mixed-use high-rise hotel Greg Powell 06-16-16
ZP2016-0095 524 The Alameda Create a fifth bedroom Fatema Crane 07-05-16
ZP2015-0217 1891 Thousand Oaks Major residential addition Leslie Mendez 07-13-16
ZP2015-0171 2213 Vine Replace existing accessory structure with height above 10 feet within 4 feet of the lot line. Greg Powell 07-05-16
ZP2016-0002 1624 Walnut Replace and enlarge existing deck above 14' in average height James Frank 07-05-16
ZP2015-0247 2856 Webster Convert duplex to single family residence. Immanuel Bereket 07-05-16