Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 05-17-2017

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2015-0165 1516 Addison Horizontally extend nonconforming yard by enclosing porch under 200 SF Alison Lenci 05-15-17
ZP2016-0251 900 Arlington  New accessory structure/building approximately 36' in length, greater than 12' in average height and located within the front half of the lot and installation of a hot tub James Frank 05-30-17
ZP2016-0250 1365 Berkeley Way  Major residential addition approximately 1200 square feet in size and greater than 14 feet  in average height James Frank 05-30-17
ZP2016-0254 1441 Campus  To create an approximately 90 SF of new floor area at the rear of a SFR, within a rear yard setback of 5'-10" where 15'-3" is otherwise required  Lucy Sundelson 05-30-17
ZP2016-0227 1421 Euclid Expand garage in front setback and convert portion of existing SFR to ADU Lucy Sundelson 05-15-17
ZP2017-0025 752 Grizzly Peak  Addition of deck to rear of existing single family dwelling James Frank 05-30-17
ZP2017-0018 1638 Julia Construct a residential two-story addition of approximately 220 sq. ft. and 16.5 ft. in average height at the rear of an existing SFR James Frank 05-22-17
ZP2017-0026 462 Michigan New deck at rear yard of single family dwelling Alison Lenci 05-15-17
ZP2016-0238 1525 McGee  To increase existing roof height to 17'-1" average height Lucy Sundelson 05-30-17
ZP2016-0248 2025 Prince Demolish portions of an existing SFR and construct a major residential addition of approximately 720SF including expansion of the existing second-story and vertical extension of the non-conforming front yard setback, resulting in a new average building height of 27 ft. Charles Enchill 05-24-17
ZP2016-0211 1761 Thousand Oaks To change a garage into an accessory building and establish an unenclosed parking pad in a rear yard setback Sydney Stephenson 05-29-17