Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 08-29-2016

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Permit #



Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

ZP2016-0037 1837 Cedar Second story addition at rear of existing single family home James Frank 08-29-16
ZP2016-0039 1605 Channing Major residential addition James Frank 09-14-16
ZP2015-0251 1460 Dwight Major residential addition Immanuel Bereket 09-12-16
DRSA2016-0018 2407 Dana Signage     Anne Burns 09-07-16
ZP2015-0181 2440 Grant Residential addition over 14' in average height Fatema Crane 09-12-16
ZP2016-0145 2110 Parker Temporary use for a parking lot Shannon Allen 09-06-16
ZP2016-0078 2708 Russell Incidental beer and win service at a quick service restaurant Immanuel Bereket 09-06-16
ZP2015-0071 2129 Shattuck Berkeley's mixed-use high-rise hotel Greg Powell 06-16-16
ZP2016-0010 2071 University Establish a quick service restaurant with incidental beer and wine service Gaby Pantoja 09-13-16
ZP2015-0225 2308 Ward Major residential addition Fatema Crane 09-12-16