Zoning Applications in Appeal Period

LAST UPDATED 04-23-2015

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Assigned Planner

Date Appeal Period Expires

AUP2014-0059 1213 Blake To convert a 288-sq. ft. garage to habitable space Elizabeth Greene 05-04-15
ZP2014-0080 1906 Chestnut Construct residential addition over 14' in average height Claudine Asbagh 04-29-15
AUP2014-0072 1196 Cornell Residential addition over 14' in average height Leslie Mendez 04-28-15
ZP2015-0065 2916 Domingo To establish a temporary outdoor food cart Nicholas McIlroy 04-27-15
ZP2014-0065 2831 Ellsworth Add second unit to basement of existing house, addi sixth bedroom to parcel and waive a parking space Pamela Johnson 04-3015
ZP2015-0023 1641 Harmon To construct a 532-sq. ft. two-story addition at the rear of an existing house Leslie Mendez 04-27-15
ZP2014-0071 1727 Hopkins Major residential addition exceeding 600 square feet Elizabeth Greene 05-11-15
ZP2014-0086 1011 Keeler Establish a temporary fire station for approximately 4-6 months Nicholas McIlroy 05-14-15
ZP2015-0012 1196 Keith Major residential addition Leslie Mendez 05-13-15
ZP2014-0061 2013 Second New 4-story, 19-unit live/work building with 19 parking spaces Claudine Asbagh 04-30-15
ZP2014-0078 2323 Spaulding Remodel existing habitable accessory building Nicholas McIlroy 05-11-15
DRSL2014-0037 2485 Telegraph Renovate facades Anne Burns 04-29-15
DRSL2015-0004 2920 Telegraph Façade upgrade, landscape improvements Anne Burns 05-01-15
ZP2015-0001 829 The Alameda To construct an accessory structure within the front half of a lot and greater than 10' in average height Claudine Asbagh 05-05-15