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K to College is a volunteer-based nonprofit seeking to assist low-income students pursuing admittance to an accredited four-year college or university, the organization continues to work in partnership with a professional student organization on the UC Berkeley campus.

Since the Council is working toward the 2020 Vision, I felt that this was a great organization to get involved with, so I offered to serve on the board.  The first step in addressing the achievement gap was the School Supply Initiative, which introduced a highly efficient and unique business model capable of providing a student with approximately $70.00 worth of school supplies at less than a third of the cost. The model utilizes the benefits of economies of scale and mass production typically beholden to large for-profit corporations. Less than one year after this model was publicly introduced, they have distributed over 1.7 million dollars worth of supplies to over 26,000 students in over ten East Bay school districts. The program is expected to expand throughout the Bay Area and greater region this fall.