Bicycle Resources 

Why Ride?

...because it’s fast, fun, and cheap.  Bicycling is healthy for you and the planet.  Berkeley has more than 15 miles of designated bike routes, lanes, and paths plus more than 100 miles of quiet residential streets for peaceful routes to most destinations. Why not get your helmet and go?

Berkeley’s Bicycle Program

The City of Berkeley is working to make cycling as safe and convenient as possible. Plans include an increased number of bikeways, a new network of Bicycle Boulevards (bicycle priority streets), more bicycle parking, a bike bridge over the freeway, and new bike safety and promotion programs. The Bicycle Subcommittee of the Transportation Commission is involved in the planning of these facilities and programs.  Meetings are held every month and are open to the public. Past meeting agendas and minutes are available on the Transportation Commission page of this website. For further information, questions, or comments, email or call the Transportation Division at (510) 981-7010.

Bicycling also helps the City of Berkeley meet its Climate Action Plan goals by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a healthy and sustainable community. Check out the transportation and land use targets of the Climate Action Plan and our progress towards reaching them.  For more information about other Climate Action Plan goals see: 

Key Phone Numbers

City of Berkeley

Report Road Hazards/ Potholes (510) 981-6620
Bicycle Registration (510) 981-5750
Report Stolen Bikes (510) 981-5900
Bicycle Planning (510) 981-7010
Bicycle Safety and Education (510) 981-5342
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (510) 981-6903


UC Berkeley

Report Road Hazards (510) 642-1032
Bicycle Registration (510) 642-2987
Report Stolen Bikes (510) 642-6760



Bicycle Advocacy and Community Resources 

Bicycle Friendly Berkeley Coalition (BFBC) (510) 962-4537 (96 BIKEr)
East Bay Bicycle Coalition (EBBC) (510) 533-7433
Bicycle Trails Council of the East Bay (510) 466-5123
Regional Bicycle Advocacy Coalition (REBAC) (510) 452-1221
California Bicycle Coalition    (916) 446-7558


Local Bike Riding Groups 

Berkeley Bicycle Club (Racing) (510) 527-3222
Grizzly Peak Cyclists (Recreational)
The Oakland Yellowjackets Bicycle Club (Recreational) (510) 986-9011


Bicycle Commute Resources

UC Berkeley Bicycle Commuting Resources 


511 promotes alternatives to single occupant auto commuting.  They have bicycle resources for the whole Bay Area including a “bike buddy” matching service for new or experienced bicyclists.  Call 511 for more information.


Bikes on Transit


It is easier than ever to take your bicycle on BART—no permit is required. Bikes are allowed on all but the lead car. They are allowed on the Fremont/Richmond line at all hours.  Some lines have restrictions on weekdays 6:30am - 9:00am and 3:30pm - 6:30pm. Bicycles are never allowed on escalators and should never be ridden in the stations.  Bicyclists must be at least 14 years old or else accompanied by an adult.  For more details, pick up a BART Schedule and a “Bikes on BART Guide” at any BART station, or call (510) 464-7133.


AC Transit 

AC Transit has bike racks on all buses that run through Berkeley and most buses in its service area.  Racks hold only two bikes and you must wait for the next bus if they are full.


NOTE:  Folding bicycles are allowed on ALL transit systems during ALL operating hours.  


511 also has information about bikes on transit.


Avoiding Bicycle Theft

Bicycle theft is a serious problem in Berkeley, but if you follow this advice you’ll stand a much better chance of holding onto your bike: