Bicycle Boulevard Signage System

There are seven types of signs used along the bicycle boulevards, each with a different purpose, as outlined below. Sign types 1A – 1D are all the same basic design, modified for different purposes. All of the signs are purple and white. Types 1A – 1D are mounted on posts painted green. The others are mounted on existing or standard posts.


Additionally, there is one pavement legend design that was used on all of the boulevards.



Type 1A - Identification


Identifies boulevard to bicyclists and motorists. Signs are two-sided; 20” x 30”.


<Additional Photo Link to 9th-University Sign 1A photo>



Type 1B - Destination and Distance Info


Provides destination and distance information to bicyclists along the boulevard. Signs are two-sided (Type 1A on back); 20” x 30”.



Type 1C - Destination and Distance Info (at Boulevard Crossing)


Provides destination and distance information to bicyclists at crossings with other boulevards. Signs are two-sided (Type 1A on back) and 20” x 30”.



Type 1D - Route Guidance


Provides directional information to bicyclists where route changes. Signs are two-sided (Type 1A on back) and 20” x 30”.



Type 2 - Off-route Wayfinding


Directs cyclists in the vicinity of the boulevard traveling on a parallel major street, to the nearby boulevard. Signs are one-sided and 14” x 17”.



Type 3 - Street Identification 


Replaces existing street signs along the boulevard. Standard street sign sizes.


<Additional Photo Link to Russell-Hillegass street signs page>



Type 4 - Advance Street Identification 


Advance street signs used on major streets to notify motorists that they are crossing a boulevard. Signs are 48” x 10”.



Pavement Legend


Pavement legend used along the boulevard to identify boulevard for both motorists and bicyclists. One or two used per block in each direction. The legends are 30 feet and 3.5 inches long by 6 feet wide.




Nighttime Visibility 


Signs and legends are highly reflective and visible at night.


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