Berkeley Police Department
Bicycle Detail

bike detail 1

The City of Berkeley Police Department Bicycle Patrol began in Berkeley in 1910 and was the first of it's kind in the nation. The program was suspended for some time and was reformed in 1992. Currently, the Bicycle Detail is made up of six (6) Officers and one (1) Sergeant. The Bicycle Officers spend the majority of their time patrolling the retail districts or dense commercial districts throughout the city.  They provide high profile patrol to these areas, work with city staff, store owners, the University of California Police Department (UCPD),  the homeless and other stake holders to identify and address crime and problems associated with it.

In the course of their daily work, Bike Officers may address everything from serious felony crimes to lesser crimes or incidents that affect the quality of life on their beats such as drinking in public, mental health issues, drug offenses, trespassing and verbal or physical fights.  Additionally, the Bike Detail regularly supports both the Operations and Investigations Divisions by running and participating in special enforcement projects organized to address specific crime trends.

The team is regularly called upon to manage special events, whether planned or spontaneous, such as festivals and/or protests. In addition, the team patrols the Downtown area during the Berkeley High School lunch period. Bike Patrol Officers receive specialized bicycle patrol training through the CA. Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST) and are exempt from laws governing riding on sidewalks, the wrong way in traffic and others if it is necessary in the course of their duties.

 Officers Coats and Kelly  Bike Officers Cummings and Landrum on patrol