Berkeley Police Department BSHNT Participation in Urban Shield 2010

Since it's inception in 2007, Tactical Element members of BPD's BSHNT have participated in Urban Shield. In 2010, eight  members  volunteered again to train and physically condition to respresent  BPD in what is touted as the largest Homeland Security exercise in the nation, sponsored by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. (ACSO) Urban Shield remains the largest training of its type in the United States.

The teams manage complex scenarios that test their readiness, stamina, problem solving ability and teamwork during the grueling 48 hour period with minimal sleep. In addition to being an extraordinary opportunity to train, it is also a SWAT competition with the teams being watched and followed by experts who rate the team in the field of tactical operations.

The 2010 team was under the leadership of its Commanders; Captain Erik Upson, Lieutenants Alyson Hart and Dave Reece.  The team had the following members;

Team Leader - Sgt. Spencer Fomby
Team Members - Sgt. Andrew Rateaver, Sgt. Sean Ross, Sgt. Joe Okies,
Sgt. Jennifer Louis, Sgt. Jennifer Tate, Officers Melanie Turner & Scott Salas

The 2010 BPD participant team had the best showing in 4 years for the department. The team was within approximately 100 points of the top team, the Israeli Special Forces Team. There were a total of 29 teams that participated.

In addition, BPD has been proud to have had women members consistently on the team, (three in 2010) while the majority of other teams are comprised of all men. Amongst the field of teams represented in the year 2010 were the King of Jordan SPF, King of Bahrain SP, ACSO, City of Oakland, FBI, City of Fremont PD, City of San Francisco PD, ACSO, Israeli Special Forces and City of Sacramento PD.    

UBS 2010 Team


       2010 BPD Urban Shield Team  

"Bound By Duty, Committed With Honor...

"Over the past four years the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, with the support of the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI), has conducted a Homeland Security training exercise called Urban Shield.  Urban Shield has received national and international recognition as a valuable tactical training exercise and platform to test the newest life saving technology for first responders.  Urban Shield is a real time test of our response capabilities and performance-based field tactical training.  Urban Shield incorporates principles of the National Response Framework (NRF) to assist tactical first response teams, both local and international, to prepare for and provide a unified response to disasters and major emergencies over a 48 hour plus operational period." excerpt from Urban Shield website...

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