Berkeley Police Department Special Enforcement Unit

Lieutenant Alyson Hart manages the unit consisting of two (2) Sergeants and ten (10) Officers. The Special Enforcment Unit (SEU) is divided into uniformed team members and an undercover team. Collectively, they are responsible for narcotics/drug and vice related investigations and are also called upon to support Operations Division personnel in violence and robbery suppression, along with any other case that requires their unique skill set.

   Special Investigations Bureau (SIB)

Revolver and Pills


Sergeant Craig Lindenau supervises three (3) Detectives who work in plain clothes. They are responsible for the investigation of narcotics sales cases, prostitution cases and other special investigations as assigned. Team members work with informants and community members to gather information involving and related to criminals, serve search warrants, set up focused enforcement and buy programs, as well as testify in court as experts in their field. 



BPD SEU seizes narcotics and guns as evidence each monthDrugs and Guns xx


Drug Task Force (DTF)

Sergeant Jeff Chu supervises five uniformed officers who are tasked with patrolling the drug hot spots in the City. They focus on specific suspects known to be involved in drug sales and trafficking in addition to violent crimes, while providing a high profile presence in our problem areas. The teams also work very closely with Special Investigations Bureau team members during the service of search warrants, parole and probation searches, surveillances, warrant sweeps, focused enforcement related to street level or indoor prostitution and other special projects.