Bike Theft

Bike *No Particular Bike is immune to Bike Theft. Lock and secure your bike. Keep your serial number handy.

Since January 1, 2011, there have been 156 bicycles stolen in and throughout the City of Berkeley. The period we searched was January 1- July 26. Bikes of all types, colors, sizes, men’s, women’s, children’s, adapted - are stolen. There is not one type or specific trend as to what thieves steal. Bikes are stolen from homes, decks, apartments locked to trees and bike racks…unattended. So many members of the City of Berkeley community are avid cyclists and having one’s bike missing after spending time in a library or when you go enjoy a movie or head out from the gym or from your home when you get back from work is just awful. 

In order to have some measure of luck getting your bike back, please write your serial numbers down and be able to provide them to the officer. This way, we can enter the serial number and description inot APS - Automated Property System, a national database of reported stolen property. Also if there are distinguishing marks, stickers, baskets, racks or other details unique to your bike, please share those with the officer who documents the crime.

 * Do not leave your bike unattended, in your backyard, on your balcony, deck or in your car or truck.

Members of BPD have learned that thieves are truly opportunistic and if you tend to leave your bike or the family bikes unlocked/unattended alongside your home, on your porch or on an accessible balcony or in the back of your home, there is a greater likelihood they will be stolen. Suspects tell us that bikes are easy to steal. Many community members use cable locks which are easily cut with bolt cutter or less. In addition, many bike riders and owners tend not to lock their bikes properly. If you merely lock the cable or U Lock or chain lock to the front tire, which in many cases is a quick release or easily detached with a wrench, then the suspect is able to walk away with most of your bike.

*Learn how to lock your bike. Avoid cable locks. Lock each part of your bike, so you do not come back to a bike frame or a bike with one wheel or no wheels.

U Locks” tend to be much harder to defeat, but they can be and suspects who steal any type of item work on their skills over time. If you utilize a “U type lock”, remember to lock the tires and frame through the lock. You may need two U locks to secure the frame and removable tire, and the second to lock the back tire. Yes, this sounds like a lot of work. We are offering the best crime prevention defense based on our experience. Many of the local bike shops or clubs can provide you with good information on locking and securing your bikes. The Internet also may provide some good visual education on the subject.

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