Additional Awards, Recognition and Distinctions presented in 2010 & 2011


MADD Awards

The annual MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving ) awards ceremony was held Wednesday, February 9, 2011. Four members of BPD earned an award. The recognition was given to officers who made 25 or more DUI arrests between July 1, 2009 & June 31, 2010. Officer Elizabeth Bashan made 28 arrests, Officer Stephanie Cole #146 made  27 arrests, Officer Alex McDougall  #77 made 26 arrests and Sergeant Jen Tate S-14 made 25 arrests. Each BPD honoree received a 23152 uniform pin and a recogniton plaque.

Officer Alex McDougall  #77 was honored with a MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) California Hero Award in a ceremony in Sacramento on April 24, 2010. This prestigious award is given to only 100-150 officers throughout the State of California. MADD honored Officer McDougall for his exceptional work to stop the crime of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). In 2009, Officer McDougall had 52 DUI arrests and assisted other BPD officers with numerous other DUI investigations in the City.

BPD has a very long history of receiving MADD awards for its efforts to reduce impaired driving, injury and fatal collisions associated with drunk driving.          

MADD Plaque 2010

10851 Award Certificates of Recognition and Uniform Pins

The BPD, California Highway Patrol (CHP) and the California State Highway Association award 10851 pins to recognize officers’ superior efforts in the recovery of stolen vehicle and arrests for auto theft. (10851CVC is the CA. Vehicle Code section for auto theft.) In a 12 month period, officers who meet the following criteria receive recognition.

White 10851 Pin Criteria
6 (six) in custody recoveries or 12 recoveries with a minimum of 3 (three) in custody, development of information that results in the ID of an auto theft ring resulting in 2 (two) or more suspects and the recovery of 10 (ten) or more stolen vehicles.

!0851 Award MesonesOfficer Luis Mesones #56
Oct. 2010  -  Recovered 38 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests                  
June 2010 -  Recovered 50 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests                 
Oct. 2009  -  Recovered 107 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests
Jan  2008  -  Recovered 36 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests
Sept 2007 -  Recovered 75 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests
May 2007  -  Recovered 108 stolen vehicles with 3 in custody arrests  


Chief Meehan presented Officer Mesones with a Blue Master 10851 Pin in recognition of meeting the White 10851 criteria 5 (five) times.

FBI National Academy

In September 2010, Lieutenant Dave Frankel L-7 graduated from Class #242 of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) National Academy.

In September 2011, Lieutenant Randy Files L-8 graduated from Class #246.

The very highly esteemed FBI National Academy was founded in 1935 and is a ten week course held in Quantico, Virginia. The mission of the program is "to support, promote, and enhance the personal and professional devlopment of law enforcement leaders by preparing them for complex, dynamic and contemporary challenges through innovative techniques, facilitating excellence in education and research and forging partnerships throughout the world.

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