FP-Sprinkler Head

Sprinkler Ordinance

All hotel occupancies must have a residential sprinkler system and fire alarm system in working order at all times. Hotel occupancies are defined as “hotels, motels, dormitories, rooming houses, fraternities and sororities,” which contain six or more rooms intended, designed to be used, or which are used for “renting, hiring or letting to residential occupants for sleeping purposes but shall not include apartment buildings.” This applies to hotels of three or more stories, or that are two stories with an inhabited basement “used for purposes other than exclusively servicing and maintenance and other needs of the building.

Fire Prevention is staffed by Acting Fire Marshal/Deputy Fire Marshal Steven Riggs, Fire Inspector Stan Fernandez, Fire Inspector Jim Thompson and Fire & Life Safety Examiner Sam Law. For more information about the Fire Prevention Division, call 981-5585 or email.

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