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Berkeley, California (Tuesday, September 06, 2011) - Communities across the nation are celebrating National Preparedness Month this September. If there were a disaster in your neighborhood today, would you be ready?

Experts warn us that in a catastrophic disaster, government resources may not be able to immediately get to home and neighborhood that was affected. This means that families may not get additional help and support for several days after the initial event, which is why it’s so important for each family and neighborhood to do its own disaster planning.

“The City works hard to educate and train residents in disaster preparedness and response,” said Deputy Fire Chief Gil Dong. “There are five critical steps that everyone can take to be safer and more comfortable after a disaster.”

Those steps are:
1. Make and practice a household evacuation plan.
2. Designate a household emergency contact who lives outside the Bay Area.
3. Prepare an emergency kit.
4. Prepare your home to survive an earthquake.
5. Get to know your neighbors.

The Berkeley Office of Emergency Services also offers free Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) courses for our community members. This training provides education in disaster preparedness and training in basic emergency response skills. By preparing neighborhoods and community groups with basic emergency skills, we can lessen the effects of a disaster on our communities and sustain ourselves until outside assistance arrives.

Get Ready Berkeley - Personal, City and Community Preparedness

Berkeley Community Emergency Response Team

For more information about what you and your neighborhood can do, contact the Office of Emergency Services at or (510) 981-5605.