Commendations, Praise & Recognition from Community Members & Colleagues

This is a feature that contains a small sampling of all letters, amelus, cards that BPD receives.                        

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August 21st

Chief Michael Meehan and the Berkeley Police Department,

This is simply a note of support for all that you do to keep peace and order in our city.  I know that law officers across the United States are suffering undeserved scrutiny and even attack at this time, and I would like to offer a voice of support.

The other night as I drove home after a late event, I was stopped at an intersection on Shattuck and University in Berkeley by a large crowd of protestors who filled the street in front of me waiving signs and chanting anti-police slogans as they passed by.  I realized this was a volatile situation but was soon comforted by the presence of multiple squad cars that surrounded my vehicle.  It took half-an-hour to travel eight blocks and all the while I traveled within the police motorcade praying my rosary for the men and women in uniform next to me who kept their composure even as they were taunted and insulted.  Though it must have been difficult to tolerate all of that on Friday night, I do believe that if you had not been present something far worse then a few incidents of vandalism would certainly have occurred.

I realized that night how important your presence is as you strive to maintain peace and order often at risk to yourselves.  I realized also how grateful I am for this service you provide and wanted to assure you that, white there are loud voice of dissent around you, there are also many who silently support you in prayer and in deed.

Thank you for your dedicated service and example~

A grateful citizen,  

August 9th

Dear Chief Meehan,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the performance and service of Officer Robin Fuentes (Badge #73).  She is a real asset to the community and you should be aware of her fine character and dedication to the citizens of Berkeley.

My sister dies in our family home on March 30.  As soon as I got the phone call telling me of my sister's passing, I was put in touch with Officer Fuentes, who was at the family in response to the 911 call related to my sister's death.

I phoned Robin to tell her I was on my way from Santa Cruz to pay my respects to my sister while her body was still n the family home, and that it would take me 2 hours to make the drive north.  When I told Robing this she responded: "MY responsibility is to make sure you sister is safe and taken care of until you arrive.  I will stay here and see you when you get here".  I can't begin to tell you the comfort this assurance provided me, that my dead sister would be looked after and protected until I arrived.

I grew up in Berkeley and am aware of the challenges the City and Dept. face in achieving its goals of providing community-based police services.  Recruiting and retaining high quality officers is a real challenge.  Officer Fuentes was at all times thoughtful, courteous, proactive and kind, a combination of qualities that every police officer should possess.  The City of BErkeley is very fortunate to have someone of her caliber on the job and in service of its citizens.  

On behalf of my family, my sister's friends and the close-knit neighborhood, please take the time to personally thank Robin for her outstanding service.  We are deeply appreciative.

August 8th

Dear Sir,

I am writing to commend one of your Berkeley police officers for recovering my son's stolen car within less than two hours after I reported it stolen, last Thursday, July 31, 2014.  My son's 1996 Nissan Maxima was stolen from the 1500 block of Acton STreet some time between July 23 and July 30, where it was parked near another son's house.  He and his family were on vacation at that time and did not notice it was missing until July 30.  I reported the car stolen on July 31 and filed a report at the police station about 9:30 am, to Officer l. Mesones, Badge #56.  About an hour and a half later, Officer Mesones called me at my home to inform me that he had found the car on Sixth Street near Jones Street.  My daughter-in-law came with me to reclaim the car, which had not been damaged, although the glove compartment had been emptied on the front passenger seat.  There was nothing of value to be taken.  Please note that my sons and I greatly appreciate the excellent police work in recovering this vehicle.

July 9th 

Executive Director Tia Ingram, of the Berkeley Housing Authority recently wrote Chief Meehan commending Officer Stephanie Polizziani.  She was recently conducting a site visit with Officer Polizziani, Officer Cummings and other City services addressing a potential problem property.  As they were touring the property, a woman approached them; her appearance could be perceived as less than ideal.  The women greeted Officer Polizziani by name, and talked about life changes she is making.  Officer Polizziani spoke to her “not as an officer in charge, but rather as though the woman was an elected official; a property owner; a wealthy celebrity; or even a Housing Authority Director.”  She acknowledged the woman and applauded her victory.  Director Ingram stated “what a powerful testimony for good Community Policing.”

 June 29th 

A community member called the police to report a subject who appeared to be having a mental health crisis.  The person was following her and challenging her to fight.  The caller was scared and spoke to Public Safety Dispatcher Carmen Calhoun, who told her to seek refuge in a nearby store, while the police responded.  Officer Skyler Ramey responded to the call and was able to locate the subject.  Officer Ramey was able to resolve the call.  Later that day the community member came to the police department and was able to personally meet with PSD Calhoun and Officer Ramey.  She thanked them for their help and wished them “many blessing.”

 June 24th

Recently, a community member emailed the police department to thank Officer Chris Waite and Officer Chris Schulz.  They recently assisted her son, who was having a difficult time and was reluctant to ask for help.  She noted the officers were consistently professional, courteous, kind, understanding and persuasive.  She complimented them on their efforts, both were gracious and stated they were only doing their jobs.  She noted “Doing one’s job is one thing.  Doing it very, very well, is quite another.”  Thanks in part to their efforts; her son is doing much better.