Commendations, Praise & Recognition from Community Members & Colleagues

This is a feature that contains a small sampling of all letters, emails, cards that BPD receives.                       

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July 2
Deputy Director of Health Services, Peggy Gibbons wrote Chief Meehan commending Officer Casimiro Pierantoni. She had watched out a window of city hall as #96 handled an unwanted, distressed and combative woman. The woman was perched on a stairwell with a 12 foot drop. Of #96’s work…”was able to calmly talk...approaching her before she jumped or fell. ..negotiate her down the stairwell.” “I was very impressed by his handling of the incident. He showed kindness and compassion and impressive skill in talking the woman down from her dangerous perch.”  

July 11
An Internal Affairs Sergeant fielded a commendation call from a  community member who wished “to express her sincere gratitude to Officers Hogan and Kawana”...for the quality of the service they provided. Her elderly  mother, who suffers from dementia became disoriented ...and could not find her way home.” The officers… “were very kind and patient with her mother who frequently walks away from her convalescent facility.” The daughter also shared that she recognized that officers “are more frequently criticized for their service than they are thanked and she wanted to make sure that the Officers knew that their kindness was appreciated.” 

July 19
A community member wrote to praise the handling of a couple visits regarding her next door neighbor who had mental health issues. “Officer Tinney responded with an exceptionally calm and humane manner and I believe this was directly responsible for keeping a bad situation from getting decidedly worse.”

July 20
The Chief of Inspectors for the DA’s Office wrote with appreciation of the “outstanding efforts” of Officers Nathan Patrick and Earl Emelson who located a material witness to an attempted murder case who did not show up to court. “Without their efforts…we may have had to dismiss the case.”

 August 3
A homicide detective wrote an internal commendation for Officer John Lewis. Johnson was reviewing a missing person case and writes, “ became immediately apparent that Officer Lewis went beyond conducting a basic preliminary investigation...identifying a habitual missing person, the adult care issue underlying and seeking out those individuals noted in past incidents and agencies that could help with a long term resolution. “...stands out as an excellent example of self initiated problem solving.”

 August 23
A community member wrote Chief Meehan "to express my sincere appreciation for the work of that Officer (Tracie) Lui #82 and Sergeant (Amber) Phillips (S-17) did in retrieving my possessions, stolen in a recent robbery. On August 20th, I was the victim of a handbag robbery at gunpoint...stolen were my laptop, checkbooks and several other items." "After I reported it to the police, Officer Lui and Sgt. Phillips along with other officers were able to cathch the robber and retrieve my belongings in less than a couple hours." "Words really cannor express my gratitude for the amazing efficiency that Officer Lui and Sgt. Phillips demonstrated."

"As a resident in Berkeley, I am very grateful that the city has such capable, dedicated officers."