Berkeley Police Department BSHNT Participation in Urban Shield 2011

The year 2011 was no different than previous years for the City of Berkeley's Barricaded Subject Hostage Negotiation Team (BSHNT) Tactical Element members. As soon as Urban Shield 2010 was complete, they began looking to the future. BPD Tactical Element members of BSHNT have participated in Urban Shield each year since it's inception in 2007. 

Eight members of BPD volunteered to train and physically condition, much on their own time, to respresent  BPD in what is touted as the largest Homeland Security exercise in the nation, sponsored by the Alameda County Sheriff's Office. (ACSO) Urban Shield remains the largest training of its type in the United States. Some first time volunteer team members got an opportunity to test themselves in 2011. The Urban Shield teams manage complex scenarios that test their readiness, stamina, problem solving ability and teamwork during the grueling 48 hour period with minimal sleep. In addition to being an extraordinary opportunity to train, it is also a SWAT competition with the teams being rated by experts in the field of tactical operations.

The 2011 team was under the leadership of its BPD Commanders; Captain Erik Upson, Lieutenants Alyson Hart and Dave Reece. The team was made up of the following;

Team Leader - Sergeant Spencer Fomby
Team Members - Sergeant Brian Wilson, Officers Scott Castle and Scott Salas
Officers Rahawn Cummings and Kevin Neff, Sergeants Katherine Smith and Angela Hawk.

Urban Shield 2011 Near H20

The 2011 BPD participant team (above) had another excellent showing, amongst an elite group that including full time SWAT teams, Israeli Special Forces Teams and two teams from King of Jordan SPF, one comprised of women only. The BPD team placed a very respectable 11th place out of 31 teams.

BPD has been proud to have consistently had women members on the participant team since 2007, while many teams have been comprised of men. Some of the teams represented in the year 2011 were King of Jordan SPF, King of Bahrain SP, City of Oakland PD, FBI, City of Fremont PD, City of San Francisco PD, Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO) Israeli Special Forces and City of Sacramento PD.    

For a look at the BPD Urban Shield Teams of the start with Team 2010