Sidewalk Capital Improvement Projects

Please Note: Due to the current fiscal crisis, there may be delays in implementation of planned sidewalk construction projects.

Please note that some of the City’s policies and practices around damaged sidewalks were revised and these revisions went into effect in October 2011.

Proactive Program: Annual repairs are performed within specific areas of the City and in commercial and other high-pedestrian volume areas.

Map of Proactive Program High Pedestrian Areas (.pdf)

For FY 2016, Proactive Sidewalk Program projects will be performed in the areas below:

1201 block of Bancroft Way
801 block of Camelia St
3200 block of Adeline St
3300 block of Adeline St
2600 block of Piedmont Ave
2601 block of Piedmont Ave

Responsive Program: This annual program repairs sidewalk at locations outside of the Proactive Program that are reported to the City.

For FY 2016, Responsive Sidewalk Program projects will be performed in various locations throughout the city.