Previous Street Projects Funded by Measure B Sales Tax


In November 2000, Alameda County voters approved Measure B, a continuation of the county’s half-cent transportation sales tax through 2022. The Alameda County Transportation Improvement Authority (ACTIA), which administers Measure B, developed an expenditure plan with the following regional priorities:

  • expand mass transit programs, 
  • fix aging highways, 
  • maintain and improve local streets and roads, 
  • improve bike and pedestrian safety, and 
  • expand special transportation services for seniors and people with disabilities. 

More information about Measure B is available at 

Street projects that have been funded by Measure B Sales Tax. 

Repaved Arlington Ave 


Arlington Avenue 








Repaved 6th Street 



6th Street 







Repaved Arch Street 



Arch Street 







Repaved King Street 



King Street 







Repaved Oxford Street 




Oxford Street 






Repaved Telegraph Ave 



Telegraph Ave