The City's residential street lighting policy is currently on hold.

The Berkeley City Council created a Citywide Street Light Assessment District in 1992 to pay for the installation of new street lights in Berkeley residential neighborhoods. The fees supporting the program were frozen in 1998 due to Proposition 218, which requires voter approval to increase most property related taxes and fees, including the Street Light Assessment. Since that time, no ballot measure approving increases in Berkeley’s Street Light Assessment has been approved by the voters, and consequently, this Assessment has stayed at its 1998 levels.

The current Street Light Assessment supports the maintenance of existing lighting, but not the installation of any additional lights, poles or fixtures in residential neighborhoods. There is also no mechanism for private property owners to be direct customers of PG&E for streetlights, so additional street lighting cannot be installed by residents themselves.

If there is a streetlight in your neighborhood that is in need of maintenance or repair, please contact Public Works at 981-6620 or by email at