Bicycle Parking

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Bicycle Parking Program

The City of Berkeley is committed to providing secure, conveniently-located bicycle parking. The goal of the City's Bicycle Parking Program is to reduce bicycle theft and improve convenience for bicycle users. The City has more than 600 bicycle racks on sidewalks, public schools, and in on-street bicycle corrals throughout the city. In 2010, 164 new racks were installed at 103 locations citywide. More than 200 more racks are scheduled to be installed at 144 locations in 2011 and 2012.

Bicycle parking is widely available in Berkeley's commercial areas. In addition to many sidewalk racks, you can use the following:

  • Sheltered bike racks at both entrances in the Center Street Garage (1/2 block west of Shattuck Avenue).
  • Bicycle lockers and racks at all three Berkeley BART stations (shown on the map). For information on obtaining lockers, call BART at (510) 464-7133.
  • Free attended bicycle parking is available at the Berkeley Bike Station at 2208 Shattuck Avenue, one block south of the Downtown Berkeley BART station. The Bike Station offers free valet bicycle parking Monday through Friday, 7 A.M. - 9 P.M., as well as a 24-hour, Smart-card self park area; cards can be purchased at the Bike Station or online at For more information about the Bike Station, please read the fact sheet (PDF).

Berkeley residents, local employees, businesses, and property owners can submit requests for bicycle racks. Requests are evaluated by City staff, and if a physically feasible location is identified, the location is added to a bicycle rack database for installation as resources allow.  To submit a request, call 3-1-1 or 981-CITY and provide the location, the number of bikes that need to be parked, and the name and daytime phone of a contact.

In addition to requests, the City prioritizes locations within the Future Parking Target Areas as identified in the 2005 City of Berkeley Bicycle Plan. City staff also considers Safe Routes to Schools and Safe Routes to Transit goals, and works with AC Transit, BART, Berkeley Unified School District, merchant groups, and other agencies to provide sufficient bicycle parking near transit stops, schools, commercial areas, and other activity centers.

The City's Bicycle Parking Program is supported by Alameda County Measure B sales taxes and a grant from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Transportation Fund for Clean Air.